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calypso/                 Calypso project for parallel processing on networked workstations
NetKit-0.09.tar.gz       collection of basic networking programs
alt_connect-0.99.tar.gz  alternate ip source for tcp clients without recompilation
ark-dynip-0.4.tgz        Dynamic IP address for static host names on your system
asp-1.7.tar.gz           looks up a host by hostname, supporting dynamic-IP conections
atalkdump                appletalk frame dumpper
ax25utils.tar.gz         AX.25 support code
cap60.pl192.linux.patch.1.0.gz patch to compile the Columbia Appletalk Package
devinfo.tar.gz           utilities for use by config scripts
distribute-1.1.tar.gz    script for farming out a list of commands to multiple machines
dnl-0.01.tgz             look up hosts on a class A, B, C, or D network
getdate.tgz              set date and time via time port 13
getdate_rfc868-1.2.tar.gz Query an RFC 868 time server and adjust/set local date/time
gethostbyname-0.01.tar.gz get IP address of a host
host-0.80.tar.gz         Binaries for (ip #) <--> (hostname) translator
hostalc-0.0.2.tar.gz     code for talking to Northrop-Grumman W915 card
inetdial-3.1.tar.gz      CGI-Program to dial the net with your favourite browser
ipxping-0.0.tar.gz       ping a novell workstation from a Linux machine
kticker-0.2.tar.gz       Ticker application for the K Desktop Environment
lifekeeper-1.2.tar.gz    A program that keeps your connections alive
msntauth-v2.0.tgz        Squid web proxy NT domain authentication module
netkbd-1.0.tgz           network Device Rx/Tx Monitor
netscript-1.6.9.tgz      portable/multi-platform, lightweight TCP socket scripting.
netscript-1.7.0.tgz      portable/multi-platform, lightweight TCP socket scripting.
netscript-1.7.1.tgz      portable/multi-platform, lightweight TCP socket scripting.
nsl2hosts.bash.gz        converts nslookup ls files to /etc/hosts format
nslookup.ELF.tgz         ELF binaries of nslookup and host
ppptcp-0.6.tar.gz        tunnel PPP over an arbitrary TCP connection
qw_mp-0.3a.tar.gz        UDP datagram forwarder and compressor
rc.multihome.gz          scripts for bringing up aliased net devices
rdate-990821.tar.gz      sets system time from another systems
rexec.tgz                rexec client
set_time-1.2.tar.gz      Allows updating of system clock via a tcp/ip query
socket-1.1.tar.gz        TCP socketeur at shell level
socketd-1.0.2.tar.gz     Contains socketd to open TCP/IP ports and connect to connect clients to them from within shell scripts
socks-linux-src.tgz      allows use of TCP clients behind a firewall
socks.conf               sample socks configuration
spak-0.6b.tar.gz         a TCP/IP packet assembler
tcpscan-0.99.tar.gz      TCP port scanner
tcpscan-1.02.tar.gz      TCP port scanner
tcpsendexpect.1.2.tar.gz a send/expect robot for TCP/IP connections
tn3270-1.0.linux.ELF.tgz bins for 3270 terminal emulator
tn3270-5.2.0-glibc.tgz   UCB tn3270 "ported" to work with glibc
tn3270-compilable-kit.tar.gz kit to compile tn3270 on Linux
udprelay-0.2.tar.Z       socks-like program for UDP packets
udprelay-linux.tgz       udprelay hacked for linux
uredir-1.0.tar.gz        UDP port redirector
wakelan-1.1.tar.gz       will cause a wake-on-lan enabled computer to power on
whatsnew.tgz             generate lists of new stuff on your favorite sites
x3270-3.2A1.tgz          X-Windows 3270 Emulator

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