Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/system/network/serial/term/apps

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
JoelTermStuff-0.8.tar.z  scripts to automate term login/logout
XBoard-3.0.pl9+term.tar.gz xboard [gnu chess for X] w/ term support
fsp+term.tgz             FSP client for use with term
ftpd-term.tar.gz         ftpd that accepts conenctions from term
gopher2pl11+term.tgz     gopher w/ term support
inetd.term.tar.gz        inetd w/ term support
rdate.term.tar.gz        sets the date over a term connection
term+telnet.patch.tar.gz fix for using telnet over term
term+tf.33b6.tgz         tinyfugue MUD client w/ term
term-mod.v1.bug2.patch   bugfix for term/ w/ hostname passing
term-mod.v1.tar.z        modifications to term allow remote hostname passing
term.mailerd+smail.tar.gz package for delivering mail over term
term117d-shared_lib.tgz  shared version of libterm.a (ALPHA)
termncftp167.tgz         term enabled ncftp client
termutils-0.1.tar.gz     various apps for use with term (incl NetScape)
xonix.tgz                simple game
xtmon-1.0.tar.gz         X-Windows based term status monitor
xvtmon-0.1.tar.gz        Xview based monitor for term

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