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What you'll find here: extra stuff for term (from term developers)

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do what it says (237 bytes)
READ.ME.HPUX8.07 25Feb93
instructions for HP-UX 8.07 (738 bytes)
READ.ME.HPUX8.07.ind 25Feb93
?? (57 bytes)
README.HPUX8.07.ind (README) 26Feb93
autoterm-01.tgz (LSM entry) 7Oct94
simple autologin scripts for term/kermit (17504 bytes)
fet111.tgz (LSM entry?) 13Oct96
front end for term (12061 bytes)
news2.tar.z 24Ap93
?? (59611 bytes)
smail.conf.tar.Z 19Jan93
?? (9658 bytes)
smail.tar.Z 15Jan93
?? (33043 bytes)
term105.bin.HPUX8.07.tar.Z 25Feb93
term105 for HPUX (659796 bytes)
term105.bin.HPUX8.07.tar.Z.ind 25Feb93
term105 for HPUX (45 bytes)
tin.121.patches 1Aug93
hacks on tin.121 (8779 bytes)
xwebster.motif+term.tar.gz 18Jun93
?? (9654 bytes)

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