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Contents of README:
 This is a pre-installed 2GB SD image which has both MS-DOS FAT16 partition
 and NetBSD partion.

 MS-DOS partition contains hpcboot bootloader (hpcboot.exe),
 and its config file (hpcboot.cnf) to boot /netbsd kernel in
 NetBSD FFS partition.  This MS-DOS partition will be mounted
 on /dos by default on NetBSD/hpcarm system.

 NetBSD partition includes whole installed binaries based on the first
 6.0_BETA including Xorg (X11R7) server and clients.

 You can simply write this image into 2GB SD by gunzip(1) and dd(1),
 or recent Rawrite32 tool version for Windows:

 Note1: gunzipped image size is 2,000,683,008 bytes (512 x 3,907,584 sectors)
        so make sure your SD card has enough capacity for it.
 Note2: Windows Mobile 5 only supports SD cards up to 2GB, and
        it doesn't recognize SDHC cards which are larger than 2GB.
        You have to install the _unofficial_ SDHC driver
        to boot NetBSD/hpcarm from MS-DOS partition on SDHC cards.
        (though NetBSD supports SDHC media by default)

How To Use:
(Note: all messages on Windows Mobile except hpcboot will appear in Japanese)
 1. booting NetBSD kernel via hpcboot
  - On Windows Mobile, select
    [Start] menu -> [programs] -> File Explorer
    and launch it.
  - Choose folder "miniSD card" (on 003/004) or "microSD card" (on 007/011/020)
  - Launch hpcboot.exe that is prepared in the MS-DOS partition.
  - In hpcboot window, choose the default '/' folder to load a kernel
    from the NetBSD's FFS root file system.
  - If you need to load a kernel from FAT partition on SD card,
    choose "\miniSD card\ or \microSD card\ for a kernel folder.
    If you open keyboard and use rotated CCW window, the pulldowm menu
    might be out of screen so yu have to choose it by the screen rotate
    bottun or cursor keys.
  - For kernel name, it's okay to use the default "netbsd".
  - For machine type, choose appropriate one you use.
    Note if you choose wrong machine type, there is no warning messages
    and the loaded kernel could hang silently or get a panic.
  - For root file system, it's okay to use the default "ld".
  - If all items are set up properly, touch [Boot] bottun and
    choose [Yes] on WARNING window, then hpcboot loads the selected kernel.
  - After the kernel is loaded, choose [Yes] on "Last Chance" window.
    The screen is cleared and sometimes buggy garbages might be shown,
    but kernel messages will appear after a few seconds and LCD device is
    initialized, and the it will boot up to multiuser by default.

 2. login as root
  - There is no password is set by default so you can login as root
    at login: prompt.
  - To setup network etc. please refer aferboot(8) man page
    for misc settings.
  - To use X you have to prepare /etc/xorg.conf per your machine type.
    NetBSD/hpcarm distribution includes appropriate config file for
    each machine type as /etc/X11/xorg.conf.ws0XXsh
    so you can start X by using a prepared config file as following
    # cd /etc/X11
    # cp xorg.conf.ws011sh xorg.conf
    and startx command.
  - If you get any problem on starting X you can check /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

 3. Trouble shooting
  - W-ZERO3 support on NetBSD/hpcarm is still experimental and
    it might cause any trouble including hardware mulfunction.
    Use it at your own risk.
  - If a kernel or X server hangs, you can recover from itto Windows Mobile
    by the reset button inside battery cover in most case.
  - On WS003SH and WS004SH, pressing the reset bottun during holding PWR
    makes "full reset" (see manuals for details).
    The full reset will recover from most troubles even if the normal reset
    won't work.
  - On WS003SH, stylus (touch screen) could sometimes be stuck.
    In such case you have to do full reset for recovery.
  - Internal Wireless LAN on WS003SH and WS004SH is supported by upgt(4),
    but firmware for upgt(4) is not included in the default NetBSD
    distribution due to license issue. To use upgt(4) WLAN, you have to
    get the firmware file and put it into the designated directory under
    /libdata. See the FILES section in upgt(4) man page for details.
  - On WS011SH, calender clock will be back to a certain date/time
    (when the last time Windows Mobile is restarted?) after booting
    Windows Mobile. There is workaround for it so you have to set clock
    as necessary.

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