Kermit Bibliography

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  1. Campbell, Joe, C Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, Howard W Sams & Co, Indianapolis IN (1987), ISBN 0-672-22584-0. Includes a section on Kermit protocol, with illustrations, block diagrams, etc.

  2. da Cruz, Frank, and Bill Catchings, "Kermit: A File Transfer Protocol for Universities", BYTE Magazine, Volume 9, Numbers 6 and 7, June and July 1984. The first published Kermit article, written in 1983, publication delayed for a year while BYTE waited for an appropriate theme issue. BYTE also changed the original title, "The Kermit File Transfer Protocol", to fit its Computing in Academia theme. Of course BYTE's title is completely misleading and inappropriate.

  3. da Cruz, Frank, Kermit, A File Transfer Protocol, Digital Press, Bedford MA (1987), ISBN 0-932376-88-6. Foreword by Donald Knuth. The first Kermit book. Contains the Kermit Protocol definition. It remained in print from 1986 until 2001. That must be some kind of record for a computer book. Here too, the title was to have been "The Kermit File Transfer Protocol", but the cover designer changed it for layout reasons. A Russian translation was in preparation by the USSR Akademia Nauk prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

  4. da Cruz, Frank, and Christine M. Gianone, Using C-Kermit, Digital Press, Burlington MA (1993), ISBN 0-55558-108-0. C-Kermit 5A.

  5. da Cruz, Frank, and Christine M. Gianone, Using C-Kermit, Second Edition, Digital Press / Butterworth Heinemann, Newton MA (1997), ISBN 0-55558-164-1. C-Kermit 6.0.

  6. da Cruz, Frank, and Christine M. Gianone, C-Kermit: Einführung und Referenz, Verlag Heinz Heise, Hannover (1994), ISBN 3-88229-023-4. Hardcover. German translation by Gisbert W. Selke.

  7. 藤井啓文, 湯浅富久子, MS-Kermit入門, Computer Todayライブラリ-6, サイエンス 社, 日本 (Fujii, Hirofumi, and Fukuko Yuasa, MS-Kermit Primer, Computer Today 6, Saiensu-Sha Co., Ltd.), Tokyo (1993) ISBN 4-7819-0669-9 C3355 P1854E. (COVER) Explains Kermit to the Japanese audience, focussing on the MS-DOS Kermit version for the NEC PC-9801.

  8. Gianone, Christine M., Using MS-DOS Kermit, Digital Press, Bedford MA (1990), ISBN 1-55558-048-3. The first published Kermit software manual. Corresponds to MS-DOS Kermit 3.00.

  9. Gianone, Christine M., Using MS-DOS Kermit, Second Edition, Digital Press, Burlington MA (1992), ISBN 1-55558-082-3. MS-DOS Kermit 3.11 and later.

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  11. Gianone, Christine M., MS-DOS-Kermit, Mode d'Emploi, Heinz Schiefer & Cie., Versailles (1993), ISBN 2-901143-20-2. French translation by Jean Dutertre.

  12. Gianone, Christine M., and Frank da Cruz, Kermit 95, Manning Publications, Greenwich CT (1996). The original Kermit 95 manual in printed form. Subsequent editions issued electronically.

  13. Gofton, Peter W. Mastering Serial Communications, SYBEX, Berkeley CA (1986), ISBN 0-89588-180-2. Has a chapter on Kermit protocol.

  14. Huggins, James, "Kermit Protocol - Formal Specification and Verification", in Egon Börger, Ed., Specification and Validation Methods, Oxford University Press, Oxford (1995). In this paper, the Kermit protocol is formally specified and proven correct.

  15. Kelly-Bootle, Stan, 680x0 Programming By Example, Howard W Sams & Co, Indianapolis IN (1988), ISBN 0-672-22544-1. Uses the Alpha Micro version of Kermit to illustrate Motorola 68000 assembly-language programming.

  16. Kientzle, Tim, The Working Programmer's Guide to Serial Protocols, Coriolis Group Books, Scottsdale AZ (1995), ISBN 1-883577-20-9. Compares Kermit with other protocols such as Zmodem, and includes original source code for each protocol.

  17. McNamara, John, Technical Aspects of Data Communication, Third Edition, Digital Press, Bedford MA (1988), ISBN 1-55558-007-6. The data communications "bible". Discusses Kermit as an example of a byte-count oriented protocol.

  18. Quarterman, John, The Matrix: Computer Networks and Conferencing Systems Worldwide, Digital Press, Bedford MA (1990), ISBN 1-55558-033-5. Forewords by Tracey L. LaQuey, Vinton G. Cerf, and Frank da Cruz. Illustrates the role of Kermit in the worldwide "matrix" of interconnected computers circa 1990, before the Internet and the Web became ubiquitous.

  19. Stoll, Clifford: The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage, Doubleday, New York (1989), ISBN 0-385-24946-2. How East German spies used Kermit to break into US computers and networks.

  20. Пакеты прикладных программ телеобработки данных на микроЭВМ, Библиотека МикроДОС, Выпуск 47, Международный Центр Научной и Технической Информации (МЦНТИ), Москва (Application Program Package for Data Teleprocessing on Microcomputers, MicroDOS Library, Issue 47, International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information [ICSTI], Moscow) (1987). (COVER) Kermit software and protocol in the Soviet Union.

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