Kermit Software Catalog

For many years, we used to publish a Kermit Software Catalog, in which we listed our many products and formats for mail order. We don't do this any more, since the Internet came along. But you can still order items individually:

Kermit 95 for Windows Information Order Form
Kermit 95 Bulk Right-to-Copy License Information Order Form
Omnibus Right-to-Copy License Information Order Form
Using C-Kermit, UNIX and VMS (book) Information Order Form
Using MS-DOS Kermit (book+disk) Information Order Form

For information about licensing C-Kermit or MS-DOS Kermit for commercial use, CLICK HERE.

For information about embedding Kermit protocol in a product, CLICK HERE.

Kermit 95 is also available in a downloadable TRIAL VERSION, and can be securely ordered and delivered online.

C-Kermit Catalog / Columbia University / / July 2004