C-Kermit 6.0 - File Transfer Display

Here you can monitor every aspect of your file transfer in real time. See where your file is coming from, where it is going, and the mode of transfer (text or binary). Interrupt it with a keystroke in case of mistakes (like wrong transfer mode). Watch the network performance in the CPS (characters per second) and RTT/Timeout (Round Trip Time / Timeout) fields. Watch packet counts, error counts, error status. Watch the window size and packet length go up and down in response to network delays or errors.
C-Kermit 6.0.192, 6 Sep 96, olga.xyzcorp.com

   Current Directory: /home/olga
        Network Host: hq.xyzcorp.com (UNIX)
        Network Type: TCP/IP
              Parity: none
         RTT/Timeout: 01 / 01
             SENDING: oofa.zip => oofa.zip => /users/olga/download/oofa.zip
           File Type: BINARY
           File Size: 1012577
        Percent Done:  84 ////////////////////////////////////////-
 Estimated Time Left: 00:00:01
  Transfer Rate, CPS: 167505
        Window Slots: 18 of 20 
         Packet Type: D
        Packet Count: 233
       Packet Length: 4096   
         Error Count: 1
          Last Error: Timeout 1 sec
        Last Message: 

X to cancel file, Z to cancel group, CR to resend last packet,
E to send error packet, ^C to quit immediately, Ctrl-L to refresh screen.

C-Kermit 6.0 / Columbia University / kermit@columbia.edu / 30 Nov 1996