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Last update: Tue Apr 6 16:53:50 2004 EDT

After a year of mostly bug fixes and a few minor additions, C-Kermit 8.0.211 is in Beta test as of 2 March 2004. Please try building and using it on your platform(s) and testing it with your scripts and in your other Kermit-using applications to make sure it doesn't break anything, and to check whichever of the changes are likely to affect you. The current source code is available in the following formats (updated approximately once a day):

Unix Kermit source code, Tar archive, Gzip compression (gunzip)

Unix Kermit source code, Tar archive, Compress compression (uncompress).

Unix and VMS source code, ZIP archive (unzip -a).

Directory listing of the kermit/test/tar directory.

Separate source files, makefile, and update notes.

Included in the archive is a plain-text file, ckc211.txt, which contains the detailed edit history, with the newest edits described at the bottom. The daily upload is not guaranteed to build successfully on the many platforms where a true release or Beta builds, but it does build on at least 2 or 3 of our primary development platforms (Solaris, Linux, VMS, HP-UX, Windows, or whatever we're working on that day).

Download the archive into a fresh directory. To build for Unix (CLICK HERE for greater detail)…:

  1. Unpack the archive (e.g. "gunzip x.tar.gz ; tar xvf x.tar.gz" or "unzip -a x.zip").
  2. "make xxx" (xxx = platform target, e.g. "linux", "solaris9", etc).
  3. This makes an executable, "wermit" in your current directory.
  4. If you will be using it to dial out, give it the same owner, group, and permissions as cu, minicom, tip, or whatever.
  5. "./wermit" to start it.

To build for VMS, unzip the Zip file into a fresh directory and type "@ckvker.com". This makes an executable "WERMIT.EXE". For greater detail, CLICK HERE.

The changes in C-Kermit since version 8.0.209 was released are listed in reverse chronological order:

06 Apr 2004 Fixed all the problems I know about in VMS/IA64 (but there might be some I don't know about). Added missing Unix makefile and man page to x.zip. Beta.03+.
05 Apr 2004 Initial adaptation to VMS 8.1 on IA64. Compiles and runs, makes connections, transfers files, but there are some glitches, e.g. in "statistics" command after a file transfer. Beta.03.
04 Apr 2004 Built and tested on: FreeBSD 3.3 and 4.4; Debian Linux 2.1; Red Hat Linux 6.1, 7.1, 7.2, and 9; SuSE Linux 6.4 and 7.0; NetBSD 1.4.1 and 1.5.2; OpenBSD 2.5 and 3.0; QNX 4.25; SCO XENIX 2.3.4; SCO UnixWare 2.1.3 and 7.1.4; SCO OpenServer 5.0.7.
12 Mar 2004 Fixed <crypt.h> detection in Linux makefile target.
11 Mar 2004 More syntax cleanups and makefile improvements. FreeBSD 4.9 and 5.1 targets added.
10 Mar 2004 An attempt to fix kermit:// command-line URL actions on preauthenticated connections. Syntax cleanups. Makefile improvements. Add man page to tarball so "make install" can find it.
05 Mar 2004 Fixed: syslogging of file renaming had success and failure reversed; access to IKSD via command-line URL sometimes got stuck. Beta.02. Today's edit was built successfully (but not extensively tested) on Debian Linux 3.0 i386; Red Hat ES Linux 2.1 i386; Slackware Linux 9.1 i386; Solaris 9 Sparc; HP-UX B.11.11 PA-RISC; HP-UX B.11.23 IA64; Tru64 4.0G Alpha; Tru64 5.1B Alpha; SCO UnixWare 7.1.4 i386; SCO OSR5.0.7 i386; VMS 7.3 Alpha with MultiNet 4.3 A-X; VMS 7.3-1 Alpha with UCX 5.3; VMS 7.3-1 Alpha no TCP/IP.
02 Mar 2004 Fixed: some confusion in IKSD temp file names. Designation changed from Dev.00 to Beta.01.
07 Feb 2004 Support and makefile target for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) from Alex Lewin. Flags (symbol definitions) added to SCO OSR5.0.7 makefile targets (sco32v507 and sco32v507net) to enable PTY and SSH commands. Some tuning might be needed. The same symbols can probably be defined for earlier OSR5 releases but somebody needs to try it.
20 Jan 2004 Fixed: Connections to a TLS-aware protocol that requires reconnection upon certificate verification failure could not reconnect if the connection was initiated from the command line or via a URL.
15 Jan 2004 Fixed SWITCH when COMMAND DOUBLEQUOTE is OFF. Edit number increased to 211 so recently added features can be tested for.
14 Jan 2004 In Unix, allow FOPEN to accept /dev/tty as a filename. Add FREAD /LINE /TRIM to trim input lines while reading. Add FREAD /LINE /UNTABIFY to convert tabs to spaces in input lines. Add \funtabify() to untabify an arbitrary string. Tabs are assumed to be set every 8 spaces, like on VT100. Fixed core dump when referring to S-Expression quoted literals that are very short.
12 Jan 2004 Fixed \fverify() to return -1, rather than 0, when target string is empty. Fixed \fcode() to return 0 if given an empty string. Fixed extended-option parsing again (IKSD setup). Fixed array DECLARE command to catch dimensions that are bigger than MAXINT.
07 Jan 2004 Fixed SET TERM DEBUG ON and TERM BEEP INFO. New makefile target for Debian (linux+krb5+krb4+openssl+shadow+pam = kitchen sink minus SRP). INPUT /NOMATCH timeout allows INPUT to run for the given interval without trying to match any text. SET INPUT SCALE-FACTOR allows all INPUT timeouts to be scaled. Copyright dates updated to 2004.
02 Dec 2003 SEND /MOVE-TO: fixed (it was totally broken), plus improvements in various SHOW and HELP messages.
12 Nov 2003 Further improvements and integration of HP-UX makefile targets.
10 Nov 2003 Fixes and new makefile targets for OpenSSL on HP-UX 10 and 11.
06 Nov 2003 Fix spurious consumption of first byte(s) on Telnet connection.
Another HP PJL test for scanfile.
New secure makefile targets for Solaris 9 and HP-UX 11.
06 Oct 2003 Allow DIAL INTERVAL to be any positive number.
04 Oct 2003 Add /DEFAULT: switch to ASK, ASKQ, and GETOK. Add SET TELNET BUG AUTH-KRB5-DES. Allow DIAL RETRIES to be any positive number.
28 Sep 2003 Ditto (this time by removing the directory cache -- it just was not safe).
23 Sep 2003 Fix a problem with the previous fix.
18 Sep 2003 Fixed: IF DIRECTORY could give a false positive if its argument was the name of a directory that had recently been referenced but then deleted, due to an internal caching mechanism.
14 Sep 2003 Fix "ftp mget a b c" with "set ftp error-action quit" to fail if any of the files does not exist on the server. Fix networking code to never perform reverse DNS lookups when "set tcp reverse-dns-lookup off". Plus some Kerberos V fixes.
04 Sep 2003 Ditto for PostScript, PCL, and PJL. Also: add comments to all "linix+openssl" makefile targets about OpenSSL 0.9.7 (you have to add -DOPENSSL_097 to KFLAGS). Also: new symbol ALLOW_KRB_3DES_ENCRYPT defined at compile time allows non-DES session keys to be used during Telnet authentication and encryption.
25 Aug 2003 In scanfile(), identify all PDF files as binary (certain, usually very big, ones previously could be tagged as text).
24 Aug 2003 Fix ACCESS macro definition in ckermit.ini (FIND macro/command conflict). Add new "redhat9" makefile targets that work with OpenSSL 0.9.7. Remove magic from GREP /COUNT and /NOLIST switches. Various typos fixed and code reorganized to allow building with different feature sets.
29 Jul 2003 Fix incorrect file scan for very small Latin-1 file.
10 Jul 2003 Fix problems mixing SSL and SRP without Kerberos.
06 Jul 2003 Add Solaris/SSL/SRP targets; remove nonfunctional VMS HTTP support; supply some prototypes for VMS; remove duplicate #includes from FTP module.
02 Jul 2003 Mainly HTTP support for VMS from Martin Vorlaender; builds OK on UCX but not Multinet.
21 Jun 2003 Fix HTTP /AGENT: and /USER: switches.
17 Jun 2003 Updates for Kerberos 524; fixes for FTP text-mode EOL conversion.
20 May 2003 Fix FTP ASCII send data to host for FTP /SSL.
16 May 2003 Add support for new Red Hat Linux UUCP lockfile API.
11 May 2003 Back off on March-April changes that broke SWITCH command.
Don't dump core if FTP MGET /EXCEPT:{... list is not closed.
Parse \x{12}, \o{123}, and \d{123} correctly.
03 May 2003 Add support for ON_CD macro.
Add checks for fatal() or doexit() called from sysinit().
Add a command to let FTP client authenticate with SSLv2.
Fix parsing of FTP file facts like "UNIX.mode".
Plus several K95-specific changes.
01 May 2003 Corrected target for HP-UX 11.00 with OpenSSL.
Do not allow WILL AUTH before WONT START_TLS.
Add extended arg parsing for SSH, Rlogin, Telnet.
Preliminary fixes for SET RECEIVE MOVE-TO and RENAME-TO.
04 Apr 2003 Tentative fix for intermittent doublequoting problems (needs more work).

For details about each change see the ckc211.txt edit history file that is included in the download.

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