C-Kermit Support Contract

CUSTOMER:______________________________________EFFECTIVE DATE: ____________

YEARS (1 OR MORE):____________________ PAYMENT ($1000 PER YEAR): ____________

Upon receipt of payment, this contract is effective for specified number of years beginning with the date shown, and for each year thereafter for which payment is received. The annual fee is $1000 USD. The terms are as follows:

Within this framework, we (COLUMBIA) will support C-Kermit as follows:

Our preferred mode of communication is e-mail to:


This allows us to marshal the appropriate people in the shortest amount of time, and to maintain continuity and context.

(Signatures, etc).

To arrange for a C-Kermit support contract, send e-mail to kermit@columbia.edu.

C-Kermit Support Contract / The Kermit Project / May 2003