C-Kermit Character Sets

One of C-Kermit's most important functions -- at least outside of the English-speaking world -- is to convert between the codes used on your computer for the characters of your language and the usually incompatible codes used on other computers for the same language.

C-Kermit can perform these conversions for a wide variety of character sets. The following table lists these sets. Legend:

 F - Can Be a File Character-Set and/or an FTP Server-Character-Set
 X - Can Be a Transfer Character-Set
 T - Can Be a Terminal Character-Set

 7 - ASCII with language-specific characters substituted in some positions
 S - A standard 8-bit character set with ASCII in the left half
 8 - A proprietary 8-bit character set that follows standard format
 P - A PC Code page, ASCII in left half, graphics in C1 and GR
 W - A Windows code page, like an ISO 8859 character set with graphics in C1
 B - A special set for Box and Line drawing or technical symbols, etc.
 M - A multibyte character set
 U - The Universal character set (Unicode, ISO 10646)

 CP  - Code Page
 NRC - National Replacement Character-Set (NRC) from DEC VT terminals

See Using C-Kermit, Chapter 16, for an explanation of the terminology.

F X T Type Name Description
X X X A ASCII ANSI X3.4-1986 US ASCII X 7 BRITISH ISO 646 British version X 7 CANADIAN-FRENCH Canadian French NRC X X P CP437 PC CP 437 (Originl PC Code Page) X S CP819 PC CP 819 (ISO Latin 1) X X P CP850 PC CP 850 (PC "Multilingual") X X P CP852 PC CP 852 (PC Latin 2) X X P CP855 PC CP 855 (PC Cyrillic) X P CP857 PC CP 857 (PC Latin 5) X X P CP858 PC CP 858 (= CP850 with with Euro) X X P CP862 PC CP 862 (PC Hebrew) X X P CP866 PC CP 866 (PC Russian) X X P CP869 PC CP 869 (PC Greek) X X W CP1250 Windows CP 1250 (Windows Latin 2) X X W CP1251 Windows CP 1251 (Windows Latin/Cyrillic) X X W CP1252 Windows CP 1252 (Windows Latin 1) X X S CYRILLIC-ISO ISO 8859-5 Latin/Cryillic X 7 DANISH ISO 646 Danish Version X M DEC-KANJI DEC Kanji (Japanese) X 8 DEC-MCS DEC Multinational X 8 DG-INTERNATIONAL Data General International X 7 DUTCH Dutch NRC X 7 ELOT927-GREEK Uppercase-only Roman and Greek X X S ELOT928-GREEK Same as ISO Latin/Greek X X M EUC-JP JIS X 0208 + JIS X 0201 X 7 FINNISH Finnish NRC X 7 FRENCH ISO 646 French Version X 7 GERMAN ISO 646 German Version X X S GREEK-ISO ISO 8859-7 Latin/Greek X 7 HEBREW-7 VT100 7-bit Hebrew X X S HEBREW-ISO ISO 8859-8 Latin/Hebrew X 8 HP-ROMAN8 Hewlett Packard Roman8 X 7 HUNGARIAN ISO 646 Hungarian Version X M ISO2022JP (Equivalent to JIS7 ) X 7 ITALIAN ISO 646 Italian Version X M JIS7-KANJI JIS X 0208 7-bit encoding X 8 KOI8-CRYILLIC GOST 19768-74 Roman and Cyrillic X 8 KOI8R KOI8-Russia (RFC1489) X 8 KOI8U KOI8-Ukraine (RFC2319) X X S LATIN1-ISO ISO 8859-1 Latin Alphabet 1 X X S LATIN2-ISO ISO 8859-2 Latin Alphabet 2 X X S LATIN9-ISO ISO 8859-15 Latin Alphabet 9 X 8 MACINTOSH-LATIN Similar to Icelandic Quickdraw X 8 MAZOVIA Polish PC code page X 8 NEXTSTEP The NeXTSTEP character set X 7 NORWEGIAN ISO 646 Norwegian Version X 7 PORTUGUESE ISO 646 Portuguese Version X M,P SHIFT-JIS-KANJI PC Code 982 (Japanese) X 7 SHORT-KOI Uppercase-Only Roman and Cyrillic X 7 SPANISH ISO 646 Spanish Version X 7 SWEDISH ISO 646 Swedish Version X 7 SWISS Switzerland NRC X X U UCS2 Unicode (ISO 10646) UCS-2 X X U UTF8 Unicode (ISO 10646) UTF-8

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