C-Kermit Daily Source-Code Archive

Last update: 30 November 2002

Between formal C-Kermit releases, and even between Alpha and Beta releases during C-Kermit testing periods, the current working sources are uploaded to the Kermit FTP site on a daily basis:

Unix Kermit source code, Tar archive, Gzip compression (gunzip)

Unix Kermit source code, Tar archive, Compress compression (uncompress).

Unix and VMS source code, ZIP archive (unzip -a).

Directory listing of the kermit/test/tar directory.

Included in the archive is a plain-text file, ckc207.txt, which contains the detailed edit history, with the newest edits described at the bottom. The daily upload is not guaranteed to build successfully on the many platforms where a true release or Beta builds, but it does build on at least 2 or 3 of our primary development platforms (Solaris, Linux, VMS, HP-UX, Windows, or whatever we're testing that day).

The major changes in C-Kermit since version 8.0.206 was released are:

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