Kermit 95 Recommended for Medical Insurance Claim Submission

   Although Kermit software has always been strong in the medical claim submission market, it is also common to find claims-submission packages built around Symantec ProComm Plus. However, ProComm seems to have been "end-of-lifed" -- no longer developed or supported -- even though you can still buy it. Symantec's single-copy price is $149.95 USD (compared to $75.00 or less for Kermit 95).

Medical and dental practices, pharmacies, and hospitals that use claims packages built around ProComm are finding that these do not work on Windows XP, and insurers such as Medicare, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield are beginning to recommend Columbia's Kermit 95 software as a replacement because K-95 works on Windows XP and 2003 as well as Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and it handles all the needed tasks:

  • Dialing the provider's BBS.
  • Emulating the required type of terminal (such as ANSI).
  • Uploading and downloading files in text or binary mode using Kermit, Zmodem, Ymodem, or Xmodem protocol.
  • Automating the entire procedure through its built-in scripting language.

And K-95 offers some important extras:

  • Securely authenticated and encrypted FTP for Internet-based EDI providers.
  • SSL/TLS, Kerberos, and SSH clients.
  • "Transaction Processing" (explained here).
  • Kermit scripts can run on Linux and other platforms, not just Windows.
  • Low-cost bulk right-to-copy licenses are available.

Kermit's scripting language is similar to ProComm's ASPECT language in function, but different in form and somewhat more flexible, allowing scripts to be coded more compactly and intuitively, and debugged more easily. ASPECT scripts can easily be converted to Kermit scripts by someone who knows both languages, or we can do it for you (CONTACT US).

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Medical Claims / The Kermit Project / Columbia University / / 4 Dec 2003