Where is the Dialing Script for My Modem?

C-Kermit and Kermit 95 do not use dialing scripts; their modem support is built in. To see a list of the modems supported, type:

  set modem type ?

at the prompt. If your modem is not listed, then (a) maybe one of the other modem types will work ("generic-high-speed" is usually a good guess), and (b) you can install your own modem definition as described on pages 90-92 of Using C-Kermit. This, of course, requires knowledge of how to operate your modem, which comes from reading the manual (if any) that came with it.

MS-DOS Kermit, on the other hand, uses dialing scripts, one per modem type. The ones we have are in the MODEMS subdirectory of your MS-DOS Kermit directory. If you don't see one there for your modem, it is easy to adapt one of the existing ones. Just use a text editor to change the modem-specific commands to the ones for your modem; consult your modem manual to find out what its commands are. You can also visit the MS-DOS Kermit section of the Kermit Script Library to see some newer examples that might not be included in the regular distribution.

In any case, if you have added support for a new modem, please send your new definitions or script back to us, along with a complete description of your modem's manufacturer, name, model designation, and features (modulation, error correction and compression protocols, etc), so we can make them available to others.

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