The Kermit Digest

The Kermit Digest is a BITNET/EARN/CREN LISTSERV moderated mailing list. Kermit Digest submissions may be sent to or KERMIT@CUVMA.BITNET. Requests for addition to or deletion from the Info-Kermit subscriber list should be sent to LISTSERV@CUVMA.BITNET or LISTSERV@CUVMA.CC.COLUMBIA.EDU These messages must contain bodies of the form:
  SUBSCRIBE I$KERMIT personal-name   (Start a subscription)
  UNSUBSCRIBE I$KERMIT               (Cancel a subscription)
  REGISTER I$KERMIT personal-name    (Correct your name)
Past digest issues are archived at Columbia in the kermit/e directory as mail.* (mail files) and imail.* (indexed and paginated plain text, suitable for printing).

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