E-Kermit Announcement

From: fdc@columbia.edu (Frank da Cruz)
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: Embeddable Kermit File Transfer Protocol
Date: 7 Oct 2002 10:53:09 -0400
Organization: Columbia University

In response to increasingly frequent requests, I'm happy to announce the availability of an embeddable Kermit protocol. This is a tiny but modern implementation of Kermit protocol (send and receive only; no server) written in ANSI C suitable for embedding and realtime applications as well as for creation of DLLs. It is the real thing, written at the Kermit Project at Columbia University, the original developers of the Kermit protocol. More about Embedded Kermit (EK) here:


This is not free software and it is not online for public viewing. As you may know, the Kermit Project is funded entirely by revenue it generates. The purpose of EK is to generate badly needed revenue during the economic slump, and to furnish people who need a compact and embeddable version of Kermit protocol with -- at last -- an implementation "from the source" that works with other correct Kermit implementations such as C-Kermit, G-Kermit, MS-DOS Kermit, and Kermit 95, and that is fully supported by the developers. If you're interested in looking at it, please send an inquiry by email to:



Frank da Cruz
The Kermit Project
Columbia University
New York NY USA

E-Kermit Announcement / Columbia University / kermit@columbia.edu / 7 Oct 2002