Kermit FAQ - How to Find Kermit Software

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1 How to Find Kermit Software

  World-Wide Web:

    This is the definitive source for Kermit software
    on the Internet.  Other Kermit archives or "mirror sites"
    are not necessarily complete, accurate, or up to date.

    comp.protocols.kermit.announce - Moderated
    comp.protocols.kermit.misc     - Unmoderated

  E-mail: (Orders and order inquiries) (Tech support) (General -- not an FTP mail server!)

    The Kermit Project
    Columbia University
    612 West 115th Street
    New York NY  10025-7799

  Fax:  +1 212 663-8202  or  +1 212 662-6442

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