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10 MS-DOS Kermit Patches Don't Seem to Take Effect.

Since the release of MS-DOS Kermit 3.14, there have been persistent reports that patches don't seem to "stick". That is, after giving a PATCH command, the patch level is still reported as 0. This can happen if the patch file is transferred to the PC from a UNIX system in binary mode, so the lines end with LF rather than CRLF -- DOS does not recognize the line boundaries and therefore Kermit does not see valid patches. Cure: make sure each line ends with CRLF. Fix it in an editor, or re-transfer the file in text mode.

Also, remember there is no longer a need to rename the patch file to MSKERMIT.PCH. Since there are now three different Kermit executables, there must be three corresponding patch files. For version 3.14, these are:

  MSR314.PCH  -- For full-featured KERMIT.EXE
  MSRM314.PCH -- For "medium-size" KERMITE.EXE
  MSRL314.PCH -- For "Kermit Lite" KERLITE.EXE
Notice that each patch file includes the version number as part of its name. This allows you to run different versions of Kermit without confusion about patching.

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