Kermit FAQ - How to Get Rid of the "OK to Exit?" Prompt?

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33 How to Get Rid of the "OK to Exit?" Prompt?

When I try to exit from Kermit it says:

A serial connection might still be active on com2.
OK to exit?
But the connection is closed! How do I make this message and prompt go away? It prevents scripts from running unattended.

Short answer:


Long answer: Kermit gives this message and prompt when given the EXIT command (explicit or implied), or when told to change its communication device, and a connection appears to be active on the current one. On a serial device, this means that the Carrier Detect (CD) signal is still present. On a network connection, it means that Kermit has not closed the connection and it does not seem that Kermit's network partner has closed it either.

If you are using a modem, the best course is to fix it (or the cable) so CD tracks the connection. Kermit generally tries to do this itself, but sometimes it is not possible due to switch settings in the modem. See your modem manual for details.

In some cases, however, the underlying operating system or device driver does not provide Kermit with good information.

If you can't fix the modem or cable to report the connection status properly, use SET EXIT WARNING OFF to tell Kermit to ignore the apparent connection status upon EXIT.

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