Kermit - Order Processing Fees

Shipping Fee
This reflects our costs in shipping your order, which vary by the weight, shipping method, and destination. You can avoid shipping fees by providing us with your Federal Express account number.

Invoicing (Billing) Fee
This reflects our costs in sending and following up invoices. There is no order processing fee if your order is prepaid by credit card or check.

Check Cashing Fee
The $65.00 collection fee on non-domestic checks is charged by Columbia University's bank, The Chase Manhattan Bank. We have no control over it. Address complaints to The Chase Manhattan Bank, 4 Chase MetroTech Center, 6th Floor, Brooklyn NY 11245, USA. There is no check cashing fee if your check is drawn on a USA bank.

Wire Transfer Fee
When you pay via electronic bank transfer, your bank deducts a fee of approximately $25.00 USD (more or less, depending on the bank) before sending us the money. You are responsible for paying this fee.

Kermit Fees / Columbia University / / March 2000