Kermit 95 Fonts

Console applications such as Kermit 95 are not allowed to know anything about the window they are running in, nor to have any control over the font. Thus there are no commands or dialog boxes with which K-95 can change the font itself, or save your preferred font size (this will change in the forthcoming GUI K-95 version). In the meantime, you can use the following techniques.


Windows 95, 98, and ME

The SETUP program makes a "K95" icon for you in your Kermit 95 directory. Open a graphical view of the Kermit 95 directory (e.g. My Computer) and:

  1. Right-click on the K95 icon.
  2. Choose "Create shortcut". A shortcut icon is created.
  3. Drag the shortcut icon to wherever you want it.
  4. Right-click on the shortcut icon.
  5. Choose Properties.
  6. Click on the Font tab.
  7. Pick the font you want. Do not choose "Auto".
  8. While you're at it, go to Misc tab and uncheck QuickEdit and Fast Pasting (see Bug List items 61 and 223.
  9. Make any other changes you want.
  10. Click OK.

Now whenever you start K95 from this icon, it should come up with the font you have chosen. To change the default values that Windows 95/98 uses when creating console windows:

  1. Open the folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM
  2. Right click on CONAGENT.EXE
  3. Choose Properties
  4. Click on the Font tab
  5. Pick the font you want.
  6. Go to Misc tab and uncheck QuickEdit and Fast Pasting.
  7. Make any other changes you want.
  8. Click OK.
Note that the font sizes are determined by Windows 95 and can not be changed via a dialog box. The True Type font that is used may be changed by editing the Registry. Contact for directions as editing the Registry can be dangerous.

Windows NT and 2000

The fonts used in the NT Console Window may be changed by editing the "Font" page in the Properties notebook which is accesible from the System Menu. The Font page lets you choose between lists of installed True Type fonts and Code-Page specific Raster Fonts. In addition to the Font name the size may also be specified. Once saved the changes are remembered for future instances of the application.

Windows NT ships with the Lucida Console font which contains the characters for Western and Eastern European languages as well as Greek and Cyrillic. Lucida Console does not contain the Euro character nor does it contain the characters for Hebrew and many other languages supported by Kermit 95.

Newer versions of Windows might ship with Courier New, which has about twice as many characters as Lucida Console, and includes Hebrew and Arabic.

For a frequently updated list (at least as of this writing in February 2000) of Unicode fonts, visit:


The fonts used in the OS/2 Console Window may be changed by choosing "Font Size ..." from the System Menu. The "Change" button changes the font size for the current window only, whereas the "Save" button will change the font size for all future windows of this application.

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