Kermit Software for Hewlett Packard Platforms

Kermit software is available for a wide variety of Hewlett Packard platforms. Status: A = Up to date and fully supported. B = Up to date, supported on a best effort basis. C = Dated, supported on a best effort basis. D = Donated long ago by a programmer who is no longer available; we can't support it, but source code is available (volunteer programmers with access to these systems are welcome to make improvements and submit them to the Kermit archive; contact us if you are interested).
C-Kermit 8.0 is available for every release of HP-UX from 5.00 to 11i, on all hardware models. This is our most advanced Kermit server software, incorporating every feature of the Kermit protocol, plus the ability to dial out and make Telnet and FTP connections, the ability to accept incoming connections, the ability to send both numeric and alphanumeric pages, and full scripting capatility. Prebuilt binaries are available for many combinations of HP-9000 model and HP-UX version; others can be built from source code. C-Kermit is bundled with HP-UX 10.00 and later by contract between Columbia University and Hewlett Packard. In case the version distributed with HP-UX lags behind the current one, you can update your version from here. Status: A.

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Kermit 95 is available for HP PCs running Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It offers the same capabilities as C-Kermit, plus built-in FTP, and XYZMODEM protocols, and 40 terminal emulations including HP2621 and HPTERM. It can make serial connections (dialed or direct) as well as TCP/IP (SSH, Telnet, or Rlogin) connections, as well as full scripting capability. Status: A.

Previous release of C-Kermit are available for HP/Apollo Aegis and SR10. Status: C.

For the HP-1000 with RTE6 or RTEA: the hpm*.* files from the kermit/d directory. Binary in kermit/bin/ NOTE: HP-1000 Kermit does not negotiate Kermit protocol parameters correctly. To use with a modern Kermit program such as C-Kermit or Kermit 95, tell the newer Kermit to "set send negotiation-string-max-length 6". Status: D.

Two Kermit programs are available for the HP-3000, one written in SPL, the other in C. Get the hp3*.* file in text mode from the kermit/d directory in the Kermit FTP archive. This will retrieve all the files needed for both of them. The functionality should be roughly equivalent, since the C version is a hand-translation of the SPL version. Status: D.

IBM-compatible HP PCs with DOS 2.0 or higher or Windows 3.x
MS-DOS Kermit. Serial and network connections. MS-DOS Kermit 3.11 and later includes its own built-in TCP/IP stack. VT100/102/220/320 emulation, Kermit file-transfer protocol, full scripting. Status: A.

HP-95 and -100 Handheld PCs
MS-DOS Kermit.

HP-150, 110, and Portable Plus
Version 3.10 (circa 1990) of MS-DOS Kermit is available for the HP-150 series of (non-IBM compatible) PCs, for serial connections only: Status: C.

A Kermit program for the HP-125 is available among the CP/M Kermit files. Status: C.

HP-2647 Programmable Graphics Terminal
Circa 1987. Get the hp2*.* file in text mode from the kermit/c directory in the Kermit FTP archive. Status: C.

HP-9816 200/300 BASIC Workstation
Kermit in HP BASIC by Andy Campagnola of HP. The Kermit program for this computer is in some kind of tokenized binary format, and the documentation is also in a binary format. A ZIP archive is available HERE. Plain-text documentation is HERE. A listing of the BASIC source code is HERE. Status: D.

Several Kermit versions are available for HP-BASIC systems. Retrieve all these files in text mode: Status: D.

UCSD Pascal
For HP-98xx workstations with the UCSD p-System: the hp9*.* files from the kermit/c directory. Status: D.

HP-48 Calculator
The HP-48 calculator has its own built-in Kermit protocol that can be used in conjunction with some of the other Kermit software programs listed here. Status: Supported by HP. For further information:

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