The Info-Kermit Digest was an ARPANET mailing list from July 1983 until August 1995, after which we switched over to newsgroups. It is mostly broken up into six-month chunks. The files are plain ASCII text. Each file is available in two formats: the original e-mail format, and a paginated indexed format suitable for printing on a line or page printer.

     Mail          Indexed         Dates

     mail.83b                     Jul-Dec 1983
     mail.84a                     Jan-Jun 1984
     mail.84b                     Jul-Dec 1984
     mail.85a                     Jan-Jun 1985
     mail.85b      imail.85b      Jul-Dec 1985
     mail.86a      imail.86a      Jan-Jun 1986
     mail.86b      imail.86b      Jul-Dec 1986
     mail.87a      imail.87a      Jan-Dec 1987
     mail.88a      imail.88a      Jan-Jun 1988
     mail.88b      imail.88b      Jul-Dec 1988
     mail.89a      imail.89a      Jan-Jun 1989
     mail.89b      imail.89b      Jul-Dec 1989
     mail.90a      imail.90a      Jan-Jun 1990
     mail.90b      imail.90b      Jul-Dec 1990
     mail.91a      imail.91a      Jan-Jun 1991
     mail.91b      imail.91b      Jul-Dec 1991
     mail.92a      imail.92a      Jan-Jun 1992
     mail.92b      imail.92b      Jul-Dec 1992
     mail.93a      imail.93a      Jan-Jun 1993
     mail.93b      imail.93b      Jul-Dec 1993
     mail.94a      imail.94a      Jan-Jun 1994
     mail.94b      imail.94b      Jul-Dec 1994
     mail.95a      imail.95a      Jan-Aug 1995

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