Kermit 95 (K-95 for short) is a full-featured, fully native, 32-bit communications software package for Microsoft Windows® 95 (and yes, also Windows NT 3.51) from the Kermit Project at Columbia University for both serial and network communication:

Current version: 1.1.2
Release date: 18 December 1995

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Unlike other Kermit software, K-95 is not "free". It is not available for downloading; it cannot be freely shared and given away. Instead, it must be purchased and licensed. It is quite inexpensive. It is available in software retail chains and directly from Columbia University. Aggressive quantity- and site-based licensing terms are available from Columbia, including quantity discounts, low-cost academic site licenses, and bulk right-to-copy licenses.

. . . for details on terms, licensing, pricing, and ordering information.

Why isn't it free? --

  1. The Kermit Project operates entirely on the income it generates.
  2. Because of the rapid growth and commercialization of the Internet and proliferation of "free software" CDROMs made from Internet ftp sites, Kermit software is in wider use than ever before, but nobody is ordering it from us. Thus our income is down while our tech-support workload is up.
  3. We could not have brought this software to you without making a significant investment.

The status of other Kermit software (MS-DOS, UNIX, VMS, IBM Mainframe, etc) remains as it always has been.


K-95 comes with a graphical Dialer (menus, buttons, dialog boxes, notebooks, and all) to configure and launch all your connections without complicated initialization files, macro definitions, or commands of any kind. The Kermit engine itself (K95.EXE) is launched from the Dialer pushbutton-style to make each of your connections automatically with all the appropriate settings.

K95.EXE has a console-mode command-line interface, similar to its cousins on UNIX, MS-DOS, and OS/2 (more about this in the Kermit 95 FAQ). The graphical Dialer, however, removes the need to interact directly with the command prompt in most cases. Yet all the commands are there in case you need them, which will be a comfort for Kermit veterans.

Kermit 95 is a multithreaded, fully native, 32-bit, protected-mode, preemptive multitasking 100% Windows 95 serial and network communication software application that is easy on your CPU.

K-95 offers:


Shipping commenced on October 23rd, 1995. Single copy price: $54.00 US.

CLICK HERE for the order form.

Academic site licenses, quantity discounts, and bulk right-to-copy licensing terms are available. CLICK HERE for details.

The shrink-wrapped package, published by Manning Publications of Greenwich CT, includes the software and manuals plus a discount upgrade for the next planned version.

You can order Kermit 95 direct from Columbia University:

    The Kermit Project
    Columbia University
    612 West 115th Street
    New York NY  10025-7799  USA
    Fax:   +1 (212) 662 6442  or  +1 (212) 663 8202
    Voice: +1 (212) 854 3703
    Web:   Order form

The package is available now in Micro Center stores in Cambridge MA (727 Memorial Drive) and Fairfax VA (3089 Nutley Street), and will be available in other computer software stores soon, probably Egghead and CompUSA first, others to follow. If your software outlet does not carry it, ask them to order it. Stores may order the Kermit 95 shrink-wrapped package from the distributor:

    Micro Central Inc.
    PO Box 1009
    8998 Route 18 North
    Old Bridge NJ  08857

    Fax:   +1 (908) 360-0303
    Voice: +1 (908) 360-0300
or from the publisher:
    Manning Publications
    3 Lewis Street
    Greenwich CT  06830  USA

    Fax:   +1 (203) 661 9018
    Voice: +1 (203) 629 2078
    Web:   http://www.BrowseBooks.Com/BBC/kermit/Kermit.html


We plan to develop this product actively to meet your needs. Numerous changes and features are on tap for future releases; our priorities will be driven by the success of this product and preferences of its users. By popular demand, fullscale conversion from a hybrid GUI/console-mode to a 100% GUI application is already underway. Other items under consideration include: and more.
Frank da Cruz and Christine Gianone
The Kermit Project
Columbia University

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