Kermit Works the Remote OpenVMS Crowd

Kermit, the popular file transfer protocol for OpenVMS systems, now includes a software version for Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51. The 32-bit software -- dubbed K-95 -- is for serial, TCP/IP and DECnet LAT communication across virtually any operating system. So, if you're at a remote site running Windows 95 or NT, you can use K-95 to log in to your corporate network either by a direct call or by connecting through a data network like SprintNet or Tymnet.

According to Frank da Cruz, manager of the Kermit Project and Columbia University, Kermit 95 is of interest to OpenVMS users. "It has excellent VT and ANSI terminal emulation that is proven against demanding VMS applications like EVE, DECnotes, and ALL-IN-ONE. Its LAT capability allows connections to VMS servers using LAT, and lets you use shared dialout modem devices housed on LAT servers. This means that users need not switch among different programs for different types of communication -- a big plus when training and support are at issue within an organization."

For file transfer, K-95 works with its companion programs on OpenVMS and Digital UNIX. It also works with Kermit software on hundreds of other operating systems ranging from IBM mainframes to PDP-11s.

- Digital Age, Cardinal Business Media, Inc., March 1996

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