Faithful - What does it REALLY mean?

Faithful VT terminal emulation means that the emulator stands up to the most demanding applications that were designed to take advantage of every feature of the terminal. Here are a few tests that Kermit 95 passes with flying colors.

Try these with other terminal emulators and compare the results.

And remember, terminal emulation works both ways: to the screen and from the keyboard. A faithful VT terminal emulator supports all major VT terminal keyboard functions, and a good emulator also lets you move them around to the keys or key combinations of your choice.

OS/2 C-Kermit and MS-DOS Kermit include "keyboard verbs" for every type of VT 100 and 220 terminal key: Function keys, PF keys, Arrow keys, Editing keys, Numeric keypad keys, and the Compose key. These verbs faithfully follow the "modes" of each key, and they can be moved around any way you like to maximize your comfort and productivity. CLICK HERE too see a list.

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