Newsgroups: comp.protocols.kermit.misc
From: (Jeffrey Altman)
Subject: Request for Beta Testers: Internet Kermit Service for Windows
Date: 21 Apr 2000 17:47:32 GMT
Organization: Columbia University

NOTE: The Windows IKSD Beta test is over. As of 2 April 2002, Windows IKSD is incorporated into Kermit 95. CLICK HERE for details.

The Kermit Project would like to announce the start of a public testing period for a new (to be free) Internet Kermit Service for Microsoft Operating Systems (Windows 95/98/NT4/2000).

An Internet Kermit Service provides both anonymous and authenticated access to file systems of a host onto which it is installed. The IKS is an alternative to FTP that provides all of the advantages of the Kermit file transfer protocol and the Kermit Script programming language; works across multiple firewalls; Network Address Translators; and multiple transports (e.g. dialup terminal server to IP; or LAT to IP; or NetBEUI to IP; or IPX to IP; ...)

The IKS for Windows can be used with or without Kermit 95 installed on the machine. The IKS can be used with any Telnet client that supports Kermit file transfer protocol.

End user authentication may be performed in one of the following methods:

When used on Windows NT or Windows 2000, the IKS may be installed as a Service which runs independent of the end user logged into the machine. Access to files and directories is controlled by the privileges assigned to the account and the associated ACLs when the file system is NTFS.

When the IKS is installed on Windows 95/98 or the file systems are FAT16 or FAT32, the entire file system of the machine is accessible to the logged in user since the operating system and/or file systems do not support ACLs.

The following features are available only when used with a licensed Kermit 95:

We are looking for testers on Windows 95/98, NT, and 2000 regardless of whether or not you are currently using Kermit 95. If interested, please send e-mail to with the Subject:

IKS Windows Tester

Please specify:

Jeffrey Altman