Columbia University Kermit 95 Licensing Options

OBSOLETE superseded by THIS. Dated: 8 April 1998
Pertains to: Kermit 95 communications software for Windows 95, Windows NT, and OS/2


Kermit 95 software and the accompanying documentation are copyrighted and protected by law. They may be used only under license. The licensed material may not be posted in public download areas, submitted to user groups, placed on CDROMs, included with any product, or redistributed in any other form without license to do so.

All prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

All prices are in US dollars, payable by MasterCard, Visa, or check.

Payment by check:

  1. Checks must be payable in US dollars to:
    Columbia University Kermit Distribution
  2. If your check is not drawn on a US bank, add a $65.00 check-cashing fee.
  3. If an order is not prepaid, include a purchase order and add a $25.00 billing fee.

Kermit 95 is available for Windows 95 (which runs only on Intel platforms); for Windows NT 3.51 (or later) on Intel, Alpha, and PowerPC plaforms; and for IBM OS/2 2.0 or later on Intel platforms only. NOTE: Kermit 95 does not run under Windows 3.x or Win32s.


Quantities under 100 are available only in the retail shrink-wrapped package, which contains the Kermit 95 diskette, the Kermit 95 manual, and the technical reference manual, Using C-Kermit, second edition. The unit price is $54.00 US, plus shipping. Quantity discounts are available as follows:
  Quantity Discount Price
    1-4      0%     54.00
    5-9      5%     51.30
   10-24    10%     48.60
   25-49    15%     45.90
   50+      20%     43.20
No other discounts apply.

CLICK HERE for the retail order form.


CLICK HERE for the bulk right-to-copy license order form.
(But read the following material first.)

Minimum quantity: 100.
Minimum extension: 100.

The licensee is entitled to make the licensed number of copies of the software for internal use.

A bulk right-to-copy license includes one shrink-wrapped package containing a preregistered copy of the software and one user guide and one technical manual. In addition, the user guide (but not the technical manual) is also included on the diskette in Windows Help, HTML, or other suitable format. Like the software itself, this is a copyrighted published work protected by law, and may not be redistributed without a license to do so.

All users within the licensed organization share the same registration and serial number. The license covers employees (and in the case of academic institutions, also students) of the licensed organization, including contractors during the period of their contract. The Discount column shows the discount against the single-copy retail street price of $54.

    Quantity    Discount   Price
    100-249      81.48%	   10.00
    250-499      84.26%	    8.50
    500-999      86.67%     7.20
   1000-2499     88.89%	    6.00
   2500-4999     90.74%	    5.00
   5000-9999     92.59%	    4.00
  10000-19999    93.89%	    3.30
  20000-39999    94.35%	    3.05

Any number of copies may be purchased by paying the unit price per copy appropriate to the range, and Windows 95, Windows NT, and OS/2 copies may be mixed and matched within the given discount range.

"Site" or "unlimited" licenses are available only to academic institutions (see Section IV). To achieve freedom from copy counting and license administration, simply purchase sufficient licenses to cover the maximum expected number of users.

The licensee must assume responsibility of preventing all manner of external access to the software, including, but not limited to, unauthorized redistribution of the software in any form by employees, or placing of the software on file servers, ftp servers, or Web pages that are accessible from outside the licensed organization.


Government agencies (but not for-profit government contractors) and nonprofit organizations are entitled to a twenty percent (20%) discount on the final price. This discount applies only to bulk right-to-copy licenses.


Printed, published copies of the user manual and technical manual may be ordered in any quantity by bulk-right-to-copy licensees at a the following discounted prices:

                    Title               Retail      Discounted
  User manual       "Kermit 95"         $ 14.95     $ 11.96
  Technical manual  "Using C-Kermit"(*)   39.95       34.55

(*) Note: steeper discounts are available for Using C-Kermit in larger quantities; see the Using C-Kermit order form for the discount schedule.

The Government and Nonprofit discount may not be used in combination with this discount.


The licensee may increase the size of its license by paying for additional copies at the rate appropriate for the total number of copies licensed, including those in the upgrade. The mininum size of an ugrade is 100 copies. For example, if 999 copies were originally licensed at $7.20 per copy, then 100 to 1500 additional licenses may be purchased at $6.00 per copy; 1501 to 4000 licenses at $5.00 per copy, and so on.


The licensee is entitled to technical support, software patches, and version upgrades at no additional cost for one year. After that, the maintenance fee is twenty-five percent (25%) of the total license fees paid as of the most recent anniversary of the first license, payable on the first anniversary of the original license and each anniversary thereafter.

The licensed organization must provide technical support to its users, and may, in turn, obtain technical support from Columbia University through a designated single point of contact at no additional charge.

If support lapses, and the licensee wishes to renew it, this may be done by:


Kermit 95 may be run from a central file server, as long as the number of concurrent users does not exceed the size of the license, and the server is not accessible from outside the licensed organization.


CLICK HERE for the academic site license order form.
(But read the following material first.)

Kermit 95 academic site licenses are available at the rates listed below. An academic site license entitles all students, faculty, and staff at the licensed institution to individual, non-transferable use of Kermit 95, with no copy counting required, as long as they are students at or employed by the institution. End-user technical support must be furnished by the institution. Technical support to the instition is furnished through a single technical point of contact with the Kermit project at Columbia University.

For any single college or university:

  First year:       $  2,000
  Subsequent years: $  1,000

For a large university system, such as a statewide system (e.g. all of SUNY):

  First year:       $ 10,000
  Subsequent years: $  5,000

Plus shipping.

Multiple Platforms: The Windows 95 and NT versions are covered by the same license, even for Windows NT on non-Intel platforms. However, the OS/2 version must be licensed separately. Sites that wish to license both the Windows and OS/2 versions may take a 50% discount on the second license and maintenance. Thus for a single college or university and OS/2-and-Windows license would cost $3,000 USD and annual maintenance would be $1,500, and for a large university system, the fees would be $15,000 USD and $7,500, respectively. Institutions that already have a Windows license can add an OS/2 license for half price.

All prices are in US dollars and apply worldwide. Rates are subject to adjustment. Prior Kermit 95 purchases -- shrink-wrap or bulk -- are not creditable towards the academic site license.

An active license entitles the institution to continuing technical support and to software upgrades.

An academic site license includes a single copy of the shrink-wrapped software package preregistered for the institution, to be distributed by the institution, plus one hundred Kermit 95 user manuals and five technical reference manuals (five hundred / twenty five for university systems).

Additional copies of the user manual and technical manual may be ordered in any quantity by academic site licensees at the following discounted rates:

                    Title               Retail      Discounted
  User manual       "Kermit 95"         $ 14.95     $ 11.96
  Technical manual  "Using C-Kermit"(*)   39.95       34.55

(*) Note: steeper discounts are available for "Using C-Kermit" in quantities of 250 or higher. See our standard discount schedule for rates.

Manuals may be resold through institutional channels such as university book stores or otherwise distributed internally.

The institution must assume responsibility for preventing all manner of external access to the software, including, but not limited to, redistribution of the software in any form outside of the institution by students, faculty, or staff, or placing of the software on file servers, ftp servers, or Web pages that are accessible from outside the institution.


Kermit 95 may be purchased under the terms given in sections I, II, and III for the purposes of resale or redistribution, with the following additional provisos:
  1. The given number of licenses is transferred from the supplier to the customer. The supplier no longer owns those licenses, and the customer is not entitled to more than that number of copies of the software.
  2. Customers must be informed that they have been provided with Kermit 95 software from Columbia University, and all relevant copyright notices must be displayed.
  3. The supplier must either:
    • Purchase a bulk right-to-copy license and provide all technical support for their customers, or:
    • Provide their end users with the full retail shrink-wrapped package.

Bulk licenses are not intended for single-copy retail distribution. Individual end users must receive the fully documented and supported shrink wrapped retail package. Redistribution of bulk licenses is appropriate in a consulting, bundling, or embedding framework.

If the licensee has purchased shrink-wrapped copies for resale or redistribution, then each end user registers each individual copy of the software using the serial number provided. If the lincensee has purchased a bulk right-to-copy license, then a single serial number and registration applies to all copies.


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