Kermit 95 Order Forms

As of 27 November 2001, Kermit 95 1.1.20 shrinkwraps are back in stock and ready to ship. Trial downloads are still available, and version 2.00 is still on its way.

There are two order forms for shrink-wrapped retail copies of Kermit 95, a secure form that allows you to transmit your credit card information to us over a secure (encrypted) connection, and a form to be printed, which you can fill out and then mail or fax back to us.

For other licensing options (bulk, site, etc), CLICK HERE.


The printed order form allows for purchase orders, prepayment by check, or prepayment by MasterCard or Visa:

CLICK HERE for the printed order form.

Fill it out and send it back to us by fax or post.


The secure order form can be used to order any quantity of Kermit 95+ single-user shrinkwrapped kits. Payment is by MasterCard or Visa only.

Before you try to use the secure order form you should be aware your browser is likely to issue all sorts of scary warnings to the effect that the authority that certified the security of this site is not recognized. The certification authority (CA) is Columbia University in the City of New York, founded in 1754, which should be at least as trustworthy as a dot-com founded a couple years ago. If you wish, you may download and install the Columbia University CA certificate. This is necessary in some browsers to make the warnings go away; in others, you might have to do this before you can access the secure order form at all:

CLICK HERE for the CA certificate.

CLICK HERE for the secure order form.

CLICK HERE for the old secure order form (if your browser does not support JavaScript 1.1 or better, or you have disabled JavaScript).

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