Kermit 95 Compared with Microsoft Telnet 1.0

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Note that the ANSI terminal emulation claimed by Telnet is not the ANSI terminal emulation you need with Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's). It does not support color or ANSI line- and box-drawing characters.

Also note that Telnet's VT100 emulation does not support VT100 line- and box-drawing characters either.

The ripple test was performed on a P90 with a direct Ethernet connection.

Telnet Kermit 95 1.1.13
82K ripple test 15 sec 4 sec Scrollback None Up to 2,000,000 lines Key mapping None Complete & configurable Selectable Colors Background Fore and Background and more Emulations VT100/52, ANSI VT320/220/102/100/52,DG,HP,Wyse,TVI, Heath,Hazeltine,ANSI,SCOANSI,AT386,... BBS colors No Yes BBS "ANSI art" No Yes Selectable heights No Yes 132 columns No Yes Reverse Yes Yes Bold No Yes Underline No Yes (simulated with distinct colors) Blink No Yes VT box drawing No Yes Double-width No Yes (simulated) Double-height Yes (simulated) Yes (simulated) Keypad appl mode No Yes Arrow key appl mode No Yes Can send all Ctrls No Yes Newline mode No Yes Reports No Yes VTTEST score 28 105 Esc seq debugging No Yes Printing No Yes Reset terminal No Yes Scripting No Yes File transfers Capture/Log Kermit,XYZMODEM,Capture/Log Character sets (*) Yes, more than 30 selectable Compose key No Yes Telnet controls No Yes Telnet keys No Yes Telnet debugging No Yes

(*) Telnet always uses Latin1 mapping. There is no way to change it.

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Kermit for Windows 95 / Columbia University / / 1 July 1997