Uniform - What does it mean?

Think about it. Uniform means that it works the same way over all sorts of connections. Usually, you need to use one package on your PC for serial connections and another package for TELNET connections, perhaps another for RLOGIN connections, and yet another for DECnet LAT connections.

And then if you move about from one computer to another, you have to use still more packages on those other computers.

All of these packages are probably different from each other. So you have to invest time unnecessarily learning many different applications that do the same thing: communicate.

In a large organization, multiply your wasted time across all the other people who go through the same thing. Then convert to dollars. Then add the dollars you spent on all those different packages.

Kermit software is the answer. Kermit 95 works exactly the same way on multiple types of connections. And it is only one of many Kermit programs that have the same user interface, the same commands, the same script programming language, the same capabilities. So learn it once, use it everywhere. Save time, save money.

And that's what uniformly means.

Uniform / Columbia University / kermit@columbia.edu