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[ Of Windows 95 Telnet clients . . . ] Kermit 95 has the best features and performance by far. Perfect emulation of most VT terminals, and workarounds for common bugs in TERMCAP entries. Kermit also supports non-SLIP/PPP dialup, which can be really handy.

Richard Graves
Stanford University
Author, Windows 95 Networking FAQ

I am a regular reader of and contributor to the newsgroups alt.winsock, devoted to dial-up networking (SLIP, PPP) on the various Microsoft Windows platforms, and, devoted to the Windows95 operating system. On these groups there regularly appear articles with titles such as "Telnet with file transfer?". Well, it's here, and in spades.

Kermit95 is Kermit, yes, Kermit, the communication software used worldwide and on hundreds, if not thousands, of machine/OS combinations. Kermit95 offers reliable file transfer under the worst of conditions as well as the best of performance (equal to zmodem) under good conditions. In addition, Kermit95 has the most robust scripting language, terminal emulation, and keyboard mapping available in any communications software. And Kermit95's graphical user interface makes it easier than ever to configure, make, and manage connections.

Of course, you don't have to be a dial-up networker to take advantage of Kermit95; it's equally at home on any TCP/IP network connection as well as a dialed (BBS, for example) connection.

As for the Kermit effort, at Columbia University, ... it never stops. Kermit software just keeps getting better.

Vincent E. Fatica, Ph.D.
Syracuse University Mathematics

I've used MS-DOS kermit for years because it has always had the most reliable terminal emulation and file transfer around, and now that I am running Windows NT, I am overjoyed to have Kermit 95 running under it as a native 32-bit application.

As someone who frequently uses the EMACS editor over a dialup line, I have always wanted as much control as possible over my keyboard, and kermit has always given me far more control over reprogramming individual keys than any other terminal emulator I have seen, either freeware or commercial.

Tom Horsley
Harris Computers
Fort Lauderdale FL

I have used various flavors of Kermit on many platforms since 1984. I bought Kermit-95 because it is superior to PCPlus for Windows, in lieu of a Windows 95 product from them. I have tried some of the shareware emulators in the past, and didn't like any of them under Windows 3.11.

Kermit-95 allows me to telnet to either a serial connection or via PPP, something I can't get PCPlus to do, even if I manually made the PPP connection. PCPlus always wants to open the previously used comm device, which causes bad things to happen when alternating between a serial connection and a PPP connection driven on the same port.

As I'm hacking scripts to automate some work at my telephone company, I realize the disparate systems that I am using, ranging from a 286-running MSDOS 3.3/MSK-3.14, acting as a 1/2" tape reader/kermit server, through Win-95/K-95; UnixWare, ESIX, an Octel Voice Mail system, DEX-600 and Stromberg Telephone switches.

I have tried other comm programs, but!!!

I can prototype and "program" scripts anywhere. I run awk against data sets on the UNIX boxes to create .tak files that can then be run from either of the UNIX platforms, or one of the techs can run them from home under MS-DOS Kermit without modification.

ZMODEM, FTP, Kermit transfers, mappable keys, cut and paste... It's all there in Kermit 95. $54.

Clarence A Dold -
Pope Valley & Napa CA

Kermit for Windows 95 / Columbia University / / 2 Jan 96