Kermit 95 Utilities

Downloadable utilities for use with Kermit (so far just one):

The K95 Registry Tool
K95REGTL is a GUI program for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 that:
  1. Associates Kermit 95 with Kermit Script (.KSC) files in the Windows Registry.
  2. Removes any Kermit 95 associates from the Windows Registry.
  3. Creates shortcuts for Kermit 95 and/or the Dialer on your desktop.
  4. Creates entries for Kermit 95 and/or the Dialer in the Start Menu.
Download: These are self-extracting archives. Download the appropriate version to your Kermit 95 directory in binary mode and then run it to extract the K95REGTL program. Kermit 1.1.14 or later required.

Kermit 95 Utilities / Columbia University / / 1 October 1997