DEC VT220/320 (LK201) Keyboard (CLICK IMAGE to magnify).

(CLICK IMAGE to magnify)
  A glance the DEC keyboard layout diagrams above and at left reveals that the DEC VT and IBM PC keyboards are quite different, especially in the top row. Those who wish to map the DEC keyboard to the IBM one quickly find that the DEC keyboard has more function keys: 15 versus 12 on the PC keyboard. To confound the confusion, DEC's F-keys are labeled F6 through F20 (F1-F5 are only for local use) and DEC and IBM keys that have the same function (e.g. Local Print = Print Screen, Hold Session = Scroll Lock) are in different places.

No mapping of DEC to IBM F-keys will please everyone. Kermit 95 comes with a default mapping, which is described here. If you don't like it, you can change it by including a series of SET TERMINAL VT220 (or VT320) KEY commands in your K95CUSTOM.INI file in the Key Map text box of the Keyboard page any Dialer entry. Here is the default mapping of DEC to PC F-keys:

DEC PC Kverb Remarks
Hold Session Scroll Lock \KholdScrn
Local Print Alt-p \Kdump  
Set Up (none)    
Switch Session (none)    
F5 F5 \KBreak Send BREAK
F6 F6 \KdecF06  
F7 F7 \KdecF07  
F8 F8 \KdecF08  
F9 F9 \KdecF09  
F10 F10 \KdecF10  
F11 Alt-F1 \KdecF11 Esc
F12 Alt-F2 \KdecF12 BS (Backspace)
F13 Alt-F3 \KdecF13 LF (Linefeed)
F14 Alt-F4 \KdecF14  
F15 Alt-F5 \KdecF15 The Help key (Also F11)
F16 Alt-F6 \KdecDO (Also F12) The Do key
F17 Alt-F7 \KdecF17  
F18 Alt-F8 \KdecF18  
F19 Alt-F9 \KdecF19  
F20 Alt-F10 \KdecF20

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