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MS-DOS Kermit for DOS and Windows 3.x

In the News: MS-DOS Kermit In Orbit

MS-DOS Kermit is not designed or intended for use in Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP, or OS/2. The recommended, supported, native, and current Kermit software for these operating systems is Kermit 95.    CLICK HERE for details.

MS-DOS Kermit 3.14 is a compact and efficient communications software package for IBM PCs and compatibles offering a wide range of faithful text and graphics terminal emulations, an astonishing variety of serial and network communication methods, a vast array of international character-set conversions, exceptionally flexible and powerful key mapping, a powerful, easy-to-use script programming language, and advanced Kermit file transfer.

MS-DOS Kermit runs directly under DOS 2.0 and later and under Microsoft Windows 3.11 or earlier. MS-DOS Kermit is not supported in Windows 95 and later.

MS-DOS Kermit 3.14 is packaged on diskette with the book Using MS-DOS Kermit by Christine M. Gianone, Digital Press (1992) [ ORDER FROM AMAZON.COM ] [ SEARCH FROOGLE ]

If you will be downloading MS-DOS Kermit, please also order the book -- it will enable you to get the most out of the software, and book sales help to support the self-funding Kermit project. Also be sure to check the KERMIT.UPD file on your MS-DOS Kermit diskette or in the archive for the latest information on MS-DOS Kermit.

MS-DOS Kermit may be downloaded by individuals for their own use or for use within an organization. However, MS-DOS Kermit must be licensed for redistribution; CLICK HERE for terms and conditions.

MS-DOS Kermit 3.14, 21 May 1995, is the most recent complete distribution. If you don't have MS-DOS Kermit at all, begin by downloading version 3.14:

MS-DOS Kermit 3.15, 15 September 1997, issued as an update to version 3.14 (you can install this on top of version 3.14):

The source code for MS-DOS Kermit is in the ftp://kermit.columbia.edu/kermit/a/ directory. The filenames all start with "ms" and end with ".asm", ".h" and ".c". For convenience, the source code for the IBM PC version of MS-DOS Kermit is also available in a ZIP file:

MS-DOS Kermit 3.16 is in Beta test (you can install this on top of 3.14 or 3.15):

Also see:

TCOMTXT, a tiny bootstrapping program that can be used to load programs onto a DOS PC through the serial port starting with only a diskette with the minimum system files.

More information:

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MS-DOS Kermit / Columbia University / kermit@columbia.edu / 8 February 1999