The following pictures were captured in a DOS Window of OS/2, then converted to GIF format, and then sized using Xview, and so they are not as detailed or crisp as the originals.

Tektronix 4014 Graphics

This is an example of MS-DOS Kermit's Tektronix 4014 emulation. Simple, monochrome, "connect the dots". Here we see a theoretical airflow model for some kind of airplane.

Tektronix plot

Color Sixel Graphics

In this picture we see a simple example of MS-DOS Kermit's Sixel graphics and polygon-fill capabilities, complete with color palette:

Colored boxes

Here is a more complicated MS-DOS Kermit Sixel graphics screen:

Biplane painting

Data General DASHER Graphics

This screen shows MS-DOS Kermit's Data General DASHER D470 emulation, during a session with the host-resident AOS/VS CEO Draw program:

DG CEO Draw graphics