The following pictures are produced by SAS/GRAPH(tm), 6.10 or later, SAS Institute, Cary, NC, using its new MS-DOS Kermit VGA (KRMTVGA) driver, which takes advantage of Kermit's color Sixel graphics capabilites, and requires a VGA or higher video adapter (and SET TERMINAL GRAPHICS VGA in Kermit). These pictures were reproduced with permission of SAS institute, and were produced by using Kermit's graphics screen-dump feature (Ctrl-End) to save the screens as TIFF files, which were then uploaded (with Kermit, of course) and converted to GIF format for easy display on the Web.

(Texas Map)

(Bacterial Growth Rate Graph)

(Interstate 40 Graph)

(Catalyst Experiment Graph)

(US Investment Graph)

MS-DOS Kermit SAS Graphics / Columbia University /