Kermit Newsgroups

The following newsgroups are devoted to discussion of Kermit software and protocol.
Announcements of releases, moderated, in English (infrequent).
Discussion, Q&A, tech support, beta tests, etc, unmoderated, in English.
In Japanese.
In Australian :-)

The Japanese and Australian groups might not be active any more (we can't tell from here).

Archives of the USA Kermit newsgroups can be found at:
This directory contains all of the postings to comp.protocols.kermit.announce and comp.protocols.kermit.misc in a series of files: announce.* and misc.*. announce.txt and misc.txt are the current volumes. Files with date suffixes are previous volumes spanning the given dates, e.g.: misc.20000824-20010305. Each volume (except the current one) is about 1MB in length, and is not compressed. Access in text ("ASCII") mode.

We do not currently have an index, search engine, or Deja-News-style browser for these archive files, but you can find all that at Google:

NOTE: The comp.protocols.kermit.misc newsgroup is unmoderated, which is what allows you and everybody else to post to it. However, this means that from time to time, non-topical, spam, and/or offensive messages might appear. If you do not wish to read such such messages, please be sure to examine the subject before opening the message. We do attempt, however, to remove such messages from the archive files.

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