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Kermit News was the print journal of the Kermit Project from 1986 to 1995; subscriptions were free of charge. Unfortunately it is no longer practical (i.e. affordable) for us to print and mail Kermit News. Since 1995, the Kermit website is the source for all Kermit information, news, and updates. The following past Kermit issues are archived on the Kermit FTP and Web sites:

  Issue    Date    ASCII         PostScript     HTML          
  No.1    7/86    Not available Not available  Not available
  No.2   11/87    newsn2.txt    Not available  Not available
  No.3    6/88    newsn3.txt    Not available  Not available
  No.4    6/90    newsn4.txt      newsn4.html
  No.5    7/93    newsn5.txt      newsn5.html
  No.6    3/95    newsn6.txt      newsn6.html

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