Kermit 95 for OS/2

Affordable Communications Software for OS/2 3.0 and Later

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This page applies to Kermit 95 1.1.20. At this writing (4 June 2002) it has not yet been determined whether Kermit 95 1.1.21 or 2.0 will be released for OS/2.

Kermit 95 for OS/2, or "Kermit/2" for short, is the new, low-cost, high-power, full-function, 32-bit native-mode 32-bit communications software for OS/2 from Columbia University, home of the Kermit file transfer protocol and software. OS/2 3.0 or later is required (Kermit 95 itself works in OS/2 2.x, but the Dialer requires the Work Place Shell and therefore OS/2 3.0 or later). Take a look:

Kermit/2 1.1.11 was released 8 February 1997, and replaces OS/2 C-Kermit 5A(191) of April 1995. Version 1.1.20 was released 31 March 2000. For detailed specifications, licensing and ordering information, see:
The Kermit 95 Page
or go straight to:
The Kermit 95 Order Form
Kermit/2 comes with a full-GUI Presentation Manager Dialer to set up your connections, including a database of hundreds of BBSs, Internet sites, etc. Kermit/2 includes: All in a consistent package that operates uniformly over direct or dialed serial connections, TCP/IP Telnet or Rlogin connections, PATHWORKS, Named Pipes, or NETBIOS connections, and compatibly with Kermit software for DOS, Windows, UNIX, VMS, IBM Mainframes, and many other platforms.

Kermit 95 for OS/2 1.1.20 is miles ahead of the old OS/2 C-Kermit:

			    C-Kermit 5A(191)     Kermit/2 1.1.20

  Terminal emulations:             6                    38
  Built-in modem types:           28                    70
  Graphical dialer and database:  No                   Yes
  Browser interface:              No                   Yes
  Connection shortcuts:           No                   Yes
  Intelligent dialing:            No                   Yes
  Portable dialing directory:     No                   Yes
  Every key combo mappable:       No                   Yes
  Built-in per-terminal keymaps:  No                   Yes
  Built-in EMACS mode:            No                   Yes
  Integrated XYZMODEM protocol:   No                   Yes
  Auto-up/download:               No                   Yes
  Host mode:                      No                   Yes
  Rlogin client:                  No                   Yes
  Scrollback bookmark & search:   No                   Yes
  Block structure for scripts:    No                   Yes
  Internet security:              No                   Yes
And lots more, including significant improvements in just about every area. Terminal emulations include VT320/220/102/100/52; ANSI, SCOANSI, AT386, Avatar; QNX; AIX; Siemens Nixdorf; Wyse 30/50/60/370; Televideo 910/925/950; DG200/210/217; HP 2621 and HPTERM; Heath/Zenith 19; Hazeltine 1500; Volker Craig 404; Honeywell VIP.

More than five years of full-time development have gone into Kermit 95. It is not free software; it must be licensed. This is true for both the Windows and OS/2 versions.

The Kermit/2 package consists of:

Future releases of Kermit-95 for OS/2 and Win32 are on parallel but sometimes staggered development schedules. While our number-one priority is the production of a full-GUI version for Windows 95 and Windows NT, we are committed to releasing new versions for OS/2 with similar or equivalent functionality (emulations, scripting, keymapping, internet protocols, ...) whenever possible.

We have looked long and hard at the question of cross-platform development (Win32, OS/2, XWindows, Macintosh, BeOS). Unfortunately, the available tools for cross-platform graphical user interface development either do not support all the platform variations that we need or force us into such a primitive level of lowest-common-denominator programming that the resulting products would be unacceptable from both user-interface and performance points of view.

If sales of Kermit-95 for OS/2 are large enough to support its full-time development, we would love to spend the money on full-GUI, SOM-based versions. If not, we will continue to support this product as a console application with updates available to registered users.



Old releases of OS/2 C-Kermit can still be downloaded, but they are no longer supported. Version 5A(190) was the last release that came in a 16-bit version which could be used in OS/2 1.x.

Kermit 95 for OS/2 / Columbia University / / 4 June 2002