Date: Mon, 17 Mar 97 18:40:53 EST
Subject: Kermit 95 Review

Hi. We sent you Kermit 95 for review, and see the result in the latest OS/2 Computing magazine... Thanks!

However, I asked that we be shown a draft of the review prior to publication so we could check it for correctness (not opinion). As it stands, it has several mistakes:

Also a couple small quibbles: Your point about the TIMESLICE parameter is a good one -- the setup program should indeed warn you about it, and furthermore if you already have a TIMESLICE statement in CONFIG.SYS, it should give you a choice of whether to keep it or replace it. We'll do something about this in the next release. The value used by C-Kermit is recommended by IBM for OS/2 systems where communication software is installed and might be run in the background.

Thanks again for the review.

- Frank