Stop War!

Say Peace in all languages! The people of the world prefer peace to war and they deserve to have it. The urgent problems of the day can be solved through peaceful means by people of goodwill. Nobody has to die a violent and unnecessary death if the world's people and governments learn to communicate with and respect one another. The Internet Internationalization (I18N) community, which values diversity and human life wherever it exists, offers "Peace" in many languages and scripts as a small step in this direction.

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Frank da Cruz (, New York City (USA)
Marco Cimarosti (, Milano (Italy)
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Mon Mar 31 16:21:00 2003
Code Language Text
aa Afar needed!
ab Abkhazian needed!
ae Avestan needed!
af Afrikaans needed!
ak Akan needed!
am Amharic needed!
an Aragonese needed!
ar Arabic سلام (salaam)
as Assamese needed!
av Avaric needed!
ay Aymara needed!
az Azerbaijani needed!
ba Bashkir needed!
be Belarusian needed!
bg Bulgarian needed!
bh Bihari needed!
bi Bislama needed!
bm Bambara needed!
bn Bengali (aka Bangla) শান্তি (śānti)
bo Tibetan needed!
br Breton needed!
bs Bosnian needed!
ca Catalan needed!
ce Chechen needed!
ch Chamorro needed!
co Corsican needed!
cr Cree needed!
cs Czech needed!
cv Chuvash needed!
cy Welsh needed!
da Danish needed!
de German Frieden
dv Divehi needed!
dz Dzongkha needed!
ee Ewe needed!
el Greek needed!
en English Peace
eo Esperanto needed!
es Spanish (aka Castilian) Paz
et Estonian needed!
eu Basque needed!
fa Persian needed!
ff Fulah needed!
fi Finnish needed!
fj Fijian needed!
fo Faroese needed!
fr French Paix
fy Frisian needed!
ga Irish needed!
gd Scottish Gaelic needed!
gl Gallegan needed!
gn Guarani needed!
gu Gujarati needed!
gv Manx needed!
ha Hausa needed!
he Hebrew שלום (shalom)
hi Hindi शान्ति (śānti)
ho Hiri Motu needed!
hr Croatian needed!
hu Hungarian needed!
hy Armenian needed!
hz Herero needed!
ia Interlingua needed!
id Indonesian Damai
ie Interlingue needed!
ig Igbo needed!
ii Sichuan Yi needed!
ik Inupiaq needed!
io Ido needed!
is Icelandic needed!
it Italian Pace
iu Inuktitut needed!
ja Japanese 平和 (heiwa)
jv Javanese needed!
ka Georgian needed!
kg Kongo needed!
ki Kikuyu (aka Gikuyu) needed!
kj Kwanyama (aka Kuanyama) needed!
kk Kazakh needed!
kl Greenlandic (aka Kalaallisut) needed!
km Khmer needed!
kn Kannada needed!
ko Korean needed!
kr Kanuri needed!
ks Kashmiri needed!
ku Kurdish needed!
kv Komi needed!
kw Cornish needed!
ky Kirghiz needed!
la Latin needed!
lb Luxembourgish (aka Letzeburgesch) needed!
lg Ganda needed!
li Limburgan (aka Limburger or Limburgish) needed!
ln Lingala needed!
lo Lao needed!
lt Lithuanian needed!
lu Luba-Katanga needed!
lv Latvian needed!
mg Malagasy needed!
mh Marshallese needed!
mi Maori needed!
mk Macedonian needed!
ml Malayalam needed!
mn Mongolian needed!
mo Moldavian needed!
mr Marathi needed!
ms Malay needed!
mt Maltese needed!
my Burmese needed!
na Nauru needed!
nd North Ndebele needed!
ne Nepali needed!
ng Ndonga needed!
nl Dutch (aka Flemish) needed!
no Norwegian needed!
nr South Ndebele needed!
nv Navajo (aka Navaho) needed!
ny Chichewa (aka Chewa or Nyanja) needed!
oc Occitan needed!
oj Ojibwa needed!
om Oromo needed!
or Oriya needed!
os Ossetic (aka Ossetian) needed!
pa Panjabi needed!
pi Pali needed!
pl Polish needed!
ps Pushto needed!
pt Portuguese Paz
qu Quechua needed!
rm Raeto-Romance needed!
rn Rundi needed!
ro Romanian needed!
ru Russian Мир (mir)
rw Kinyarwanda needed!
sa Sanskrit needed!
sc Sardinian needed!
sd Sindhi needed!
se Northern Sami needed!
sg Sango needed!
si Sinhalese needed!
sk Slovak needed!
sl Slovenian needed!
sm Samoan needed!
sn Shona needed!
so Somali needed!
sq Albanian needed!
sr Serbian needed!
ss Swati needed!
st Southern Sotho needed!
su Sundanese needed!
sv Swedish needed!
sw Swahili needed!
ta Tamil needed!
te Telugu needed!
tg Tajik needed!
th Thai needed!
ti Tigrinya needed!
tk Turkmen needed!
tl Tagalog needed!
tn Tswana needed!
to Tonga needed!
tr Turkish Barış
ts Tsonga needed!
tt Tatar needed!
tw Twi needed!
ty Tahitian needed!
ug Uighur needed!
uk Ukrainian needed!
ur Urdu needed!
uz Uzbek needed!
ve Venda needed!
vi Vietnamese needed!
vo Volapük needed!
wa Walloon needed!
wo Wolof needed!
xh Xhosa needed!
yi Yiddish needed!
yo Yoruba needed!
za Chuang (aka Zhuang) needed!
zh Chinese (aka Mandarin or Putonghua) 和平 (hépíng)
zu Zulu needed!
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