The Kermit 95 Desktop

A portion of a typical Windows desktop showing the Kermit 95 2.0 Dialer and one of its Settings pages, along with several active K95 terminal sessions. Operating system: Windows XP.

Left Center
The Dialer, with the connections database in its main (black on white) panel, menu and tool bars above, status bar below. The highlighted connection is to the colorful BBS in lower center. Behind the Dialer is a 40-line black-on-white terminal session displaying the beginning Pushkin's Bronze Horseman in Russian. Font: Lucida Console.

Background Center
Another K95 session, this one to a host where it is running EMACS on a wide file in a 132-column window. The file contains URLs which K95 automatically highlights.

Foreground Center
The colorful Telnet ANSI-emulation BBS session whose terminal emulation settings are shown on the Terminal Settings page to its upper right.

Foreground: The Dialer's Terminal Settings page for the highlighted connection, called up by right-clicking on the connection in the Dialer database. Background: An SSH VT320 emulation session to a Unix host, displaying a VT terminal color test pattern.

The Dialer can invoke as many simultaneous sessions as you wish.

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The Kermit Project / Columbia University / / 4 June 2002