Kermit-12 Software for the PDP-8, PDP-12, and DECmate

PDP-12 and DECmate II handbooks from the Kermit library.
(Need photos of PDP-8 and WT-78 Handbook Covers)

Digital Equipment Corporation's 12-bit microcomputers and word processors include the PDP-8 (the first minicomputer, introduced in 1965), the PDP-12 laboratory computer, and the DECmate I, II, and III, WT-78, VT-78, and VT-278 word processors.

A Kermit program, Kermit-12, was written for these machines in PAL-8 assembly language in 1984-1992 by Jerry Sands, Randy Hippe, Martyn Hemmings, Sepp Stadelmann, Richard Schlerf, and Charles Lasner. It runs under OS/8, OS/78, OS/278, and OS/12. You can find the source code and documentation files at the Kermit FTP site in the following directory:

The files are the ones whose names start with "k12"; download them in text ("ascii") mode.

You can also get the Kermit-12 files as Tar or Zip archives (download them in binary mode):

Format Size Link
Unix Tar 706560
Compressed Tar 327199
Gzipped Tar 236999
Zip (unzip -a) 242047

The filetypes are as follows:

File Type Description
.ann Announcements (plain ASCII text).
.boo ASCII-encoded binary encoding to be decoded by
.bwr "Beware" file (hints and tips).
.doc Plain-text ASCII documentation.
.dsk Description of files (plain text).
.enc ASCII-encoded 12-bit binary encoding to be decoded by
.ipl Initial program ("bootstrap") loader.
.lst Load map.
.not Notes.
.odt Octal Debugging Technique (bootstrapping).
.pal PAL-8 assembly language source code.
.upd Update notes.

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