Kermit Protocol - Formal Specification and Verification

The file is a PostScript rendition of the article, Kermit: Specification and Verification by James K. Huggins, EECS Department, University of Michican, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122,, originally published in the book, Specification and Validation Methods, ed. E. Börger, Oxford University Press, 1995. The article is reproduced with the permission of Oxford University Press.

In this paper, the Kermit protocol is formally specified and proven correct using an evolving algebra ("ealgebra") approach.

The book Specification and Validation Methods is available from Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-853854-5. Publication date: 3 August 1995. UK price £60.00; UK order hotline: +44 (0)1536 746337. US price $105.00; US order hotline: +1 800 451-7556. For Web orders: CLICK HERE. US postal address: Oxford University Press, 198 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10016; phone +1 212 726-6000.

The Kermit paper is available on the Web in PostScript format. It is 40 pages long; the file is 341K in length.

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Kermit Protocol - Formal Specification and Verification
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