Kermit 95 Download and Registration

As of 18 September 2001, Kermit 95 shrinkwraps are temporarily out of stock. The version 1.1.20 supply is exhausted, and version 2.00 is not ready yet. It was initially our intention to not make shrinkwrapped packages available again until after K95 2.00 was released, but, partially due to the world events beyond our control, it looks as if version 2.0 is further off than we had hoped. Thus, we will be doing a kitting run of 1.1.20 kits to fulfill orders while we work on 2.00. CLICK HERE for information about version 2.00.

Until we have kits in stock, we will deliver K95 1.1.20 electronically. For maximum convenience, everybody may now download a time-expiring full-featured evaluation copy for Windows. This version can be installed and used on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP, but not on OS/2. You may use this version through 31 December 2001.

At any time during the evaluation period, you may register your copy of Kermit 95. Once registered, you will receive instructions to turn your evaluation copy into a non-expiring registered copy. Once we receive a supply of 1.1.20 kits, we will contact you by e-mail and offer you the choice of taking delivery of a 1.1.20 kit, or waiting until 2.00 is shipping. (If you have a registered single-user copy of 1.1.20, you will be able to download a patch to bring you up to 2.00.) If you register early, you will avoid the likely price hike when version 2.00 comes out.

If you already have K95, don't download the evaluation version. If you have version 1.1.20 already, it's the same thing. If you have an earlier version, you should patch up to it to preserve your registration. The evaluation version is NOT registered, and expires on 31 December 2001.


There are two evaluation versions to choose from: the secure version and the regular one. The regular version is open to everybody. It can be used only to make insecure (clear-text) connections. It is approximately 3.7MB in length.

The secure version is restricted to the USA and Canada by USA export law; it includes Kerberos IV, Kerberos V, SSL/TLS, and SRP. It does not include SSH. You can use the secure version to make regular (clear-text) connections as well as secure connections. The download is approximately 4.7MB in length. CLICK HERE to read the announcement of the secure trial version.

Before downloading either version, please CLICK HERE to read a brief description of what to expect and what is and is not included.

Here are the K95 1.1.20 trial-version download links. Click on the one you want:

Remember, the Internet tends to be sluggish from time to time as viruses propogate.

Save the downloaded .EXE file in a temporary directory and then start it to begin the (new) InstallShield installation process. When installation is complete, you can delete the .EXE file.

If you attempt to install K95 from the downloaded InstallShield package multiple times, the second and subsequent installation will (after asking and receiving permission) delete the previous installation.

To get started with Kermit 95 after you have installed it, read this brief tutorial.


Registration and payment:

We have two registration (order) forms for single or small quantities of Kermit 95: a secure form that allows you to transmit your credit card information to us over a secure (encrypted) link, and a form to be printed, which you can fill out and then mail or fax back to us. You can access these in the next two sections.

We are accepting registrations now. Remember: there will be no shipments of shrinkwrapped packages until we get kits in stock.

Special low-cost licenses are available for large quantities. These are not affected by the shrinkwrap shortage. CLICK HERE for details.


The printed order form allows for purchase orders, prepayment by check, or prepayment by MasterCard or Visa:

CLICK HERE for the printed order form.

Fill it out and send it back to us by fax or post.


The secure order form can be used to order any quantity of Kermit 95+ single-user shrinkwrapped kits. Payment is by MasterCard or Visa only.

Before you try to use the secure order form you should be aware your browser is likely to issue all sorts of scary warnings to the effect that the authority that certified the security of this site is not recognized. The certification authority (CA) is Columbia University in the City of New York, founded in 1754, which should be at least as trustworthy as a dot-com founded a couple years ago. If you wish, you may download and install the Columbia University CA certificate. This is necessary in some browsers to make the warnings go away; in others, you might have to do this before you can access the secure order form at all:

CLICK HERE for the CA certificate.

CLICK HERE for the secure order form.

CLICK HERE for the old secure order form (if your browser does not support JavaScript 1.1 or better, or you have disabled JavaScript)

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