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New York City - South Street Seaport

DUE to personnel cutbacks in 2003, all Kermit Project shipping is by Federal Express only, using FedEx Express standard packaging: Fedex Envelope or Fedex Pak. No other methods (FedEx Ground, Post Office, UPS, DHL, etc) are available.

We don't want to charge you more than it costs us to ship a package, but we can't charge you less either. But since Federal Express rates are complicated (depending on weight, distance, packaging, and service selection) it is not possible to offer simple choices, except in certain cases, such as single copies of the C-Kermit book or Kermit 95 within the USA (and even those will usually be high or low, depending the distance).

In all other cases, we will look up the rate at the Fedex website and charge accordingly. You can do this yourself, and write the result on the order form as the shipping charge; then we will check it and notify you if it's incorrect. To do this, visit Fedex.Com and then choose Rates from the menu.

Here's a table of the information you'll need to get a rate quote from the FedEx website:

Item Weight Single-Quantity Packaging
Kermit 95 shrinkwrap 0.4 pound (0.2 Kg) Fedex Envelope
C-Kermit Book 2.4 pound (1.1 Kg) Fedex Pak
MS-DOS Kermit Book 1.8 pound (0.8 Kg) Fedex Pak

For large quantities, contact us for a quotation.

You can have us charge the shipping to your own Federal Express account, if you have one, by writing your account number on the order form.

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