Kermit Case Studies

Case studies and tutorials are posted from time to time to the newsgroup news:comp.protocols.kermit.misc to showcase features of C-Kermit and Kermit 95, with each posting also available on the website. Here's the index:
  1. Cleaning Out Beta-Test Binaries (file management)
  2. Kerbang Scripts (script construction and argument passing)
  3. Autodownload (file transfer)
  4. Automatic Text/Binary Mode Switching (file transfer)
  5. Directory Recursion (file transfer and management)
  6. Streaming (file transfer)
  7. Internet Kermit Service (file transfer and management)
  8. Unicode (character sets)
  9. Printing (file transfer and management)
  10. Atomic File Movement (file transfer and management)
  11. C-Kermit Meets SSH (networking and security)
  12. C-Kermit's Telnet Client (networking)
  13. PPP Dialing (networking)
  14. Character Sets (file transfer)
  15. File Selection (file transfer and management)
  16. Bootstrapping (installation)
  17. Fun with Dates and Times (script programming)
  18. File Timestamps and Permissions (file transfer)
  19. An Easy Way to Get Files from IKSD (file transfer)
  20. Lynx/Kermit Coordination (Part I)
  21. Secure Telnet Using C-Kermit 7.1 With Stunnel
  22. More Fun with Dates
  23. Modem Pool Statistics
  24. Lynx/Kermit Coordination (Part II)
  25. (Check back later for more as we add new ones)

Portable / Columbia University / / July 2002