Comparison of UUCP and C-Kermit

By Peter Eichhorn
assyst Gesellschaft für Automatisierung, Software und Systeme mbH
Kirchheim bei München, Germany

May 1997

Some words about our company, assyst. If you like, you can have a look at our Website:

Since assyst was established in 1985, it has developed from a four-person enterprise to a company with a total turnover of 40 million DM and 150 employees.

Originally it was conceived as a pure service company, but soon assyst started developing its own systems.

Our main objective is development and sales of automation systems for the sewing industry. Our most important product area is complete CAD/CAM systems and system components that can be integrated into the network of a CIM system.

assyst's potential customers are companies processing all kinds of textile materials. Of course, these are especially the apparel and upholstery industries.

Until 1993 (before I joined the company), only uucp and cu were used to do data transfer over modem lines, because they didn't know about C-Kermit.

In 1994, I joined the company and introduced C-Kermit starting with version 4E(072) (HP's default C-Kermit version for HP-UX 7.x - 9.x; HP-UX 10.x comes with C-Kermit 5A(190)). Since that time, the whole support group stopped working with cu/uucp and moved over to C-Kermit within only a few weeks. Today, only C-Kermit is used for daily interactive support work. cu is used only to check if basic modem functions works, and uucp is now used only for our e-mail system and for automatic data exchange between some customers IF there modem connection works without any problems AND when the data may arrive within the next few days or the next week!

Problems with uucp include:

What have we done so far: Final remark:
UUCP vs C-Kermit / Columbia University / / 15 May 1997