VMS / OpenVMS C-Kermit

VMS C-Kermit offers a uniform approach to serial and TCP/IP communications on VMS and OpenVMS on both VAX and Alpha. Features include automatic dialing, terminal connection, the fastest and most advanced implementation of the Kermit file transfer protocol available for VMS, script programming, and international character-set conversion during both terminal connection and file transfer. And the ability to make both serial and TCP/IP connections.

VMS C-Kermit is available on a variety of magnetic media from the Kermit Software Catalog, with the manual Using C-Kermit included.

You may also obtain VMS C-Kermit via anonymous ftp. If you do, please also purchase the manual.

The organization and layout of the files is somewhat complicated due to the many configurations. All is explained in the ckvaaa.hlp file. Please read this file to get started.

VMS C-Kermit / Columbia University / kermit@columbia.edu