These are the list of available SFS packages for Fatdog64, listed in no particular order.

SFS Description
fd64-devx_500.sfs Devx - for compilation and development.
Part of Fatdog64 proper.
Note: This is only for Fatdog 500
fd64-devx_510.sfs Devx - for compilation and development.
Part of Fatdog64 proper.
Note: This is only for Fatdog 510
fd64-devx_520.sfs Devx - for compilation and development.
Part of Fatdog64 proper.
Note: This is only for Fatdog 520
fd64-32bit-libs-7.sfs Compatibility library for running 32-bit applications.
Re-packaged for Fatdog from Quirky 1.1, Fatdog's little brother.

Some software requires some GTK/Pango environment variables to be set before it can run properly. To do this, start the software with "start32", e.g. if you usually run software X as "xyzzy" from terminal, you know need to run it as "start32 xyzzy".
Now comes with SDL and libGL (software rendering) included.
go-oo_32_amd64-3.sfs Go-OO version of OpenOffice, version 3.2.
Re-packaged for Fatdog from Go-OO universal linux binaries.
LibreOfc-3.3.1_en-US_64bit_sfs4.sfs LibreOffice version 3.3.1
Re-packaged for Fatdog from LibreOffice universal linux binaries.
jre-6u27-linux-x64.sfs Java Run-time Environment (JRE) version 1.6.0 Update 27.
Re-packaged for Fatdog from Oracle JRE package.
skype_static- Skype 2.2 Beta for Linux.
Re-packaged for Fatdog from Skype's static binaries from here. It's also available as a pet package.
wine-1.3.25-i486.sfs WINE is Not an Emulator, a package to run Windows programs on Linux, version 1.3.25
Re-packaged for Fatdog from SFS compiled by green_dome here.
IMPORTANT: This is a 32-bit package. It requires the 32-bit compatibility library (see above) to run successfully.
xcas-0.8.6-amd64.sfs Xcas is an interface to perform computer algebra, function graphs, interactive geometry (2-d and 3-d), spreadsheet and statistics, programmation. It may be used as a replacement for high end graphic calculators for example on netbooks (for about the same price as a calculator but with much more performances), created by Bernard Parisse.

This is version 0.8.6 of xcas. Xcas website is here.
Re-packaged for Fatdog from Ubuntu binaries (required dependencies from Ubuntu are also included).
audio-all-in-one-amd64-10.sfs A collection of music-making tools for hobbyist musicians. Included are:
  • Jack and QjackCtl (the GUI) for low-latency audio work
  • fluidsynth and QSynth (the GUI) sample-based soft-synth
  • Zynaddsubfx analog soft-synth
  • ghostess DSSI host, which will host the following DSSI plugins:
    • hexter - analog synth
    • whysynth - another analog synth
    • xsynth - another analog synth
    • fluidsynth - sample-based softsynth (this is the DSSI version of fludsynth above)
    • zynaddsubfx - analog synth (this is the DSSI version of zynaddsubfx above)
  • Hydrogen drum machine
  • Rosegarden MIDI and Audio editor
  • Qtractor MIDI and Audio editor
  • Audacity Audio editor
  • Schismtracker Module Tracker
  • Jamin for audio mastering
  • Jack Rack - JACK Ladspa effect racks
  • LMMS
  • Ardour2
    • Lots of effects from CAPS and SWH included
  • Various little tools:
    • Jack Time Machine
    • Jack keyboard and Alsa keyboard
    • Split-keyboard
    • Use mouse as MIDI control surface
All of them are compiled natively in Fatdog64 final. What else do you need to get started?
  • a cheap MIDI keyboard (not absolutely necessary, you can use your own computer keyboard too with ALSA Virtual Keyboard above!)
  • free soundfonts (for fluidsynth) - you can find them at dokupuppy - soundfonts section, or sf2midi, or Hammersound. Or just google for them.
Note: Some tools require Jack. Some don't require Jack, but can work with Jack. Exception is schismtracker - it conflicts with Jack. So run schismtracker when Jack is not running.
hugin-2010.0.0-amd64.sfs Hugin is a panorama photo stitcher. With Hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more. For more information please refer to hugin website.
Compiled natively in Fatdog64.

Note: Fotoxx, the photo viewer/editor that comes with Fatdog64, also comes with basic panorama stitcher.
vlc-1.1.7-amd64.sfs Everyone knows vlc :) This sfs comes with vlc 1.1.7, qt-4.7-opensource and Fotowall, all ready to go. Individual pet packages are also available. Compiled natively in Fatdog64.

openshot-1.3.1.sfs This is the latest version of openshot Video editor. It comes with openshot and blender (2.58a binaries from

There are two versions:
a) openshot-1.3.1-with-python.sfs (contains everything)
b) openshot-1.3.1.sfs (contains everything except python)

If you use b) with Devx, you may need to install install depending on which version of Fatdog/Devx you use.

Tested and compatible with Fatdog64-511 and Fatdog64-520. Other versions may or may not work.

Note 1: Because of the way they are built, some of these SFS-es have dependencies on one another. I'm not exactly clear which depends on what, but if you get "missing library" errors, try to include them together.

Note 2: Otherwise noted, all the SFS will work for both Fatdog 500 and Fatdog 510.